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Applying to a japanese uni (undergraduate)

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1 May 2017
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I'm Rin, 22 y.o from Israel ^^
I am currently interested in applying for a japanese university in japan, for a degree(学士) in japanese in the field of psychology(BAPSY) .
I've found 2 unis that are offering this specific kind of BA - Fukuoka University, And Tokyo Metropolitan University. I tend to aim for TMU , since the tuition fee is lower, and since ideologically I am more attracted to it, despite fukuoka university seems to be very high quality, even more than TMU.
But I'm more into the experience and less into thinking what is more 'exclusive' and such.

My plan is this:
Start the applying procedure around august 2018 - with all the documention and such,
Started studying for the JLPT1 (currently passed with very less effort N3) take it either on june 18 or december.
Also for EJU (nihon ryugaku shiken) and go take it in the winter session of 2018 (around november) - get top grades as much as I can (for scholarship options) and start studying in april 2019.

The things I still wish to understand -
scholarships - are there any scholarships for people of age 22+?
I know atm the only scholarship I can obtain is for monthly allowance of around 47,000 yen per month, also not sure if for only 1 year or less.
I know there is an option for TMU for tuition recudtion of 50-100%...still didn't get an answer about that.

Baitou - someone experienced working while studying in japan?
Is it possible for me to example to save money working first year for the next years of the dergree?
I know private english teachers earns a nice salary, what about conbini and such?

Schedule of applying - I still afraid I don't understand the schdule of applying for the uni.
I wish to wait and study for a long time for maximum results, but then - when do I need to start the proccedure if I apply for april 2019? ( I can take the eju and jlpt exams in summer 2018 if needed)
If someone had this experience of applying to uni, I'd be glad to hear of that.

Any experience or info, even in japanese would be great!
Thank you so much! ^^
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