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Appleseed movie on it's way...


11 Jul 2003
Yep it's true...it is out in Japan in a few weeks. I tried a search here but couldn't find anything so I'm guessing no-one knows anything about it. If you do, please share it! :)
Konnichiwa SKiNiToToRo-san!

I think it is a "Innocence". "Innocence" is a new movie of "Ghost in the Shell". "Appleseed" and "Ghost in the Shell" are the same author "Shirou Masamune" but they are different works.

Now new GitS TV series "Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX 2nd GIG" on air in Japan. This is a link of "GitS SAC"

攻殻機動隊 S.A.C 2nd GIG
http://www.jvcmusic.co.jp/m-serve/tv/kokaku-s/ in the Shell S.A.C./

And next month, new GitS movie "Innocence" will release in Japan. It's a very beautiful world.


I've been watching the Ghost in the shell tv program and it is A-mazin!!.. is that a new series Nangi-san?

the new appleseed is a movie, as was orig posted.
the trailer is on a disc that i got from a friend, but i haven't seen it :) because i was watching the mezzo instead, then had to go to bed
i might be able to find something, but it will probably be a japanese lang page, so no complaining 🍜
that didn't take long at all! dude with the phat link, thanks!
gave me the correct katakana to type into google
Iv'e seen the orig movie
it was pretty good and
hope the new one reaches its standards
Well obviously this has nothing to do with Johnny Appleseed whatsoever [but that's just my opinion]...
😄 :mad: 😊
Well.....I saw it the other day...last Tuesday to be exact. I couldn't say anything before as I didn't know if I could but the cinema I work for had it as a world preview. We saw it before it even opens in Japan! Finally something really cool happened here!

I got to meet the producer too, Sori-san who was very nice, I tried some of my Japanese with him and he and his staff responded well to it. Afterwards the band Boom Boom Satellites played about 5 songs in our theatre (they did most of the soundtrack and the title track "I would dive for you").

(Sorry if this sounds like I'm showing off but it was such a great experience...bringing together so many of my interests in one place)

It was a great evening....but you wanna hear about the film....I won't spoil it for anyone...

I thought it was brilliant....the animation is the most sofisticated I have ever seen, loads of great 3D backgrounds and character animation with some more trad 2D cell animated stuff too. The characters have a great trad-inspired anime look to them too. The soundtrack is the best I've heard on an anime film too...it rocked! Basically, loads of action, stunning animation, great soundtrack and a pretty good story too! I reckon it's gonna be a big hit when it comes out in cinemas.

yeah, i saw it was playing at that theatre, according to appleseed's website, but couldn't really find any info on the theatre's website? so i gave up.
congrats! looks like a fat place to work... plenty of stuff going on...
Hey Budd....yeah bummer that! It was a private hire that came from the promoters directly so it wasn't a ticketed event that the public could attend. It was all for invited VIP's only...mostly press and a few celeb's. They wanted to get a "cool" feeling around the buzz for the film before it hits Japan....seems we're the ones who think it's cool...not the Otaku of Japan..?!

It is pretty good working here too....lots going on as you say...are you in England? Or were you just checking out our site for info? We do screen quite a few Japanese films here if you ever get the chance to come along, it's worth a check on the website to see if we've got anything cool coming up.

otaku anywhere are really particular... when jpn otaku found out that there was going to be a sequel to ninja scroll, people said "why?"
but asking people in america (nope, not in england yet, just checking the site out while i was there, bookmarked too), they were wondering what took them so long?!
it's crut though, imo. should have never done it
i HEARD adv was responsible for it, looks like it :(
congrats again
I recently acquired a VHS Appleseed OAV, I was disapointed by it. The plot wasn't very developed and the animation wasn't that great either, but the original manga looks promising. I don't know if this is the same movie your talking about since this was made in the early 90's.

according to the apple japan quicktime trailer (that was hotlinked above), this is being released 04/17/2004?
Whoa! Saw the video for the Boom Boom Satellites song "Dive for you" a few days back. Appleseed is going to rock!
budd said:
according to the apple japan quicktime trailer (that was hotlinked above), this is being released 04/17/2004?

I think they may have put the month frst. So it would have been the 17th of April. I haven't heard anything though.
I saw the trailer of the new APPLESEED like early this year..it rocked....but I can't find anything about torrents...no one seem to have translated it yet :( can't wait to see it!!!!
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