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23 Oct 2003

I need a place to stay if I go study in Japan , dorms are kool but you pay and leave with nothing. I dunno how much a Japanese apartment cost so can someone tell me a price.

I would want a place that I could own in the future, but I dunno if a foreigner can own a house or apartment in Japan, anyway I would want some room mates to help pay the bills. so it can be small like kitchen, 1 bathroom, no sure about the rooms though since if I want room mates they gotta sleep some where that or if people in Japan don't care about sleeping in the same room that would be best. living room I suppose to put my tv and computer. thats about it. sounds like it could be cheap if I get some room mates what do you think?

I don't know if houses or apartment are rare in Japan so tell me if the place I planed out is impossible to get. or would be too expensive.
better to consolidate the info IMO

plus it knocks down other peoples threads
but ima post all the info I found today in this one for now

"U.S. prescriptions are not honored in Japan, so travellers with ongoing prescription medicine needs should arrive with a sufficient supply to see them through their stay in Japan, or enough until they are able to see a local care provider. Certain medications, including some commonly prescribed for depression, are not widely available. Please see the section below entitled, "Confiscation of Prescription Drugs and Other Medication," regarding the importation of medicine into Japan."
"CONFISCATION OF PRESCRIPTION DRUGS AND OTHER MEDICATION: It is illegal to bring into Japan some over-the-counter medicines commonly used in the United States, including inhalers and some allergy and sinus medications. Japanese customs officials have detained travellers carrying prohibited items, sometimes for several weeks. Some U.S. prescription medications cannot be imported into Japan, even when accompanied by a customs declaration and a copy of the prescription. Japanese physicians can often prescribe similarly, but not identical, substitutes. Lists of Japanese physicians are available from the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo through its web site, from U.S. consulates in Japan, and from the Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs, Office of American Citizens Services. Persons travelling to Japan carrying prescription medication that must be taken daily should consult the Japanese Embassy in the United States before leaving the U.S. to confirm whether they will be allowed to bring the particular medication into Japan. Japanese customs officials do not make on-the-spot "humanitarian" exceptions for medicines that are prohibited entry into Japan."

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Try the thread "Can foreigners buy housing in Tokyo?" (a little further down the page as I write). There were a few bits in their about apartment cost etc.

Education in Japan

Sorry if I am writing this in the wrong thread, or smth.. But I just have one question. Does anybody know if it is possible to study in Japan with the full tuition scholarship? Are there any universities that do give such scholarships according to the students' need???
Thank you in advance.
An apartment in Tokyo within 30mins of Tokyo central, 5mins from a trainstation is about 60-70,000 yen/mth. Thats with a bathroom/toilet and mini kitchen.
It is important to keep in mind that what one can get for that price in that area will strike your average westerner as being not much more than a broom closet with it's own separate gas, electric, and water meters. Not to say they're not perfectly liveable, of course.
chances are you will be coming on a working holiday visa right? because you are only 18. you can go to the working holiday foundation in tokyo and they have housing and apartments available most with no key money or deposit, atleast that is what i saw when i was in osaka.
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