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FAQ App submissions (endorsement & feedback)


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14 Mar 2002
Occasionally, we receive threads posted by developers of mobile applications (most of them related to Japanese language) in which they either try to promote their products or seek feedback on their apps while they are still in development. Although our Rules disallow product endorsement, we would like to offer developers another way of beating the drum for their products - not least of all in behoof of those members who engage in Japanese-language studies.

If you have developed an app you would like to present to our community, please submit it to our Reviews section, an excellent way of receiving - well, you will have guessed - reviews, suggestions, and even feedback from our members.

To start, please click the Reviews link in the top menu. Once you are in the Reviews section, you will see a grid of thumbnails displaying other products that have been added. To the right, you will find a Create Item button.


Clicking Create Item will open an overlay:


Select Applications from the Category menu and click Continue.

The main entry page will now load, ready for you to add your app to the Applications subsection.

The top section of the first fields is for the basic information of your application.


Item Name: the name of your application
Download link: the link to your download page or your product page
Item Description: you do not need to input anything here if you do not wish to, it will pull the information from your Item Name.
Tags: nor do you need to add any relevant tags if you do not want to.

Beneath this, you will find the General Information area where you need to put a lot of thought into how you want to present your applications. Please keep it brief, objective and factual and avoid any hype.


As you can see, most fields are required; these give readers a quick breakdown about your application. Beneath the text area are fields and check boxes where you can share any further information about the product: your or your company's name, the OS your app is based on as well as its price.

Beneath those fields you will find the ability to upload images. You must upload at least one image to your review page, you can upload up to five images.


Click the Create Item button to submit your app page.

If you have any questions, please post them to this thread.

Thanks for your submission! :)
Thanks for starting this. I have contacted the developer of my most used and most useful learning app and asked him to list it here.
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