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Anyone watches initial D?

Which car in inital D, do you like best?

  • AE86 (the main car)

    Votes: 7 24.1%
  • FC-3S RX-7 (the other white car)

    Votes: 6 20.7%
  • FD-3S RX-7 (the yellow car)

    Votes: 3 10.3%
  • BNR32 GT-R (the black car)

    Votes: 3 10.3%
  • RPS13 (the blue car)

    Votes: 4 13.8%
  • Others

    Votes: 6 20.7%

  • Total voters


1 Nov 2003
maybe this is meant to be in the anime thread, but oh well, back to the topic, has anyone seen this anime? I've watched all the stages to it, and thought it was great ^^ 👍
Moving to Anime section...

Never seen it actually (although I hear good things).
I haven't actually seen it but I think it's an overrated series unless you really really like cars and car racing. ^_^;
The (anime) character design doesn't look too impressive to me. >_>
Overrated??? once you watch it you want to get yourself a "hachi roku" and drift race all over Japan... Highy recommended
"The (anime) character design doesn't look too impressive to me."
as opposed to brain powered with nice graphics (excepting mechs) and a but storyline
The CG of the cars inproves very much in the series. By the movie, it's better than the CG they used in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Plus they had Dori Kin as a tech advisor for the show.
I suppose the looks of the characters look a bit.... you know, but they do get better, and the CG cars are REALLY good. They also have LOTS and LOTS of songs as well.
Yes, lots of Eurobeat songs. The character design and the fact that it's a long series (combined) never kept my interest, but they are sure serious about their import vehicles.
for me it's about the story... when mako says what she says before she spins out...
i like ebichu also, and the art is almost like stick figures
but the story is FOR REAL!
Great and exciting story imho,typical japanese fan-sclero story!!:D
But techically,the character design,animation and CG...are...well..a lot simplystic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But the greatest thing of the anime are the EURO BEAT SONGS!!!!!!!!
Try listen to them driving your car!!!🙂
i don't like the songs either
that dude at the end look like tricky with a wig
Impact Blue Rocks everything

now here is the question

who plays initial D in the arcadeS?

cause I know I do and I reck everyone I race in my Sileighty ^_^
oh and you can DL a 80 minute or so mega mix of all the songs
I recommend it because it flows very well into all the song (80 min is im pressive)

and it is very upbeat for the HappyHardcore in all of us :D
yeah ive got that nonstop mega mix.....its pretty cool but i can never sit still for that long to listen to it....


however...the downside is that its only in the english language.....😭
Originally posted by Swifty
who plays initial D in the arcadeS?

I do!! i'm no newbie player, but i'm not a pro yet either.
I have a White FC3S RX-7, Bunta's Grey GC8V WRX STi and (new as of yesterday) Iketani's S13 Silvia K's.

I just did a card upgrade on the FC and changed it to manual! It's taking a bit of time for me to remember the shift points... 5000, 5500, 6200, 147-151km/h...

Fave course is Irohazaka, but I'm tiring of it now and am starting to switch to Akagi. My best Akagi down dry time is 2'31"5xx... slower than the good players, but it was a really good run for me. Took the sequential hairpins at ~145... much faster than I would normally.

Anyway... hello everyone! I'm new.
Montreal is the best place to play Initial D in the world at 50 cents per game in some places (40-45 yen) and 75 in others.

It's a fun arcade game, but version 2 is too unbalanced. Can't wait for version 3 to be released here. People are already raping it. :(
Man,i could only tell u that this anime rocks!the story,characters,visual and sound effcts are one of the best and the game rocks too!:D:D
I've tried playing the game once
great game but I lost by a second
first stage :eek: :mad:
but i cant really play it any more
me broke and it cost a whole dollar for a game/card
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