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Anyone want to lend me $50?

I Would, But......

They're coming to put a new steel roof on for me tomorrow, & I had to go take a loan out. I'm $8000 in the hole, but it won't rain inside anymore !

*breaks into song*

:sing: "I don't care too much for money...money can't buy me love.
Can't buy me love, everybody tells me so. Can't buy me love...no no no, no..."
Or join the JREF team and tune in: "Money for nothing and chicks for free....." :sing:
I would... but here in sunny England, we have a proper currency, and I can't be bothered working out the conversion rates :p
Kirei: Do you want a serious answer? Cause I can give you a serious answer.....
What an age we live in, in which the beggar is reduced to whoring themself out to any and all would-be enablers.

Meh, alright Kirei, lets get this thing overwith. lol 😊
Let's get it over with?! I don't know if I want to be that abrupt... *cough*

I think it's time for me to get some sleep... :p

Frank D. White said:
replacing a single guitar string now days.


$50 for a single guitar string????
I think I will go bankrupt,hahaha :mad:

$50 is enough for about 7,8 packs of guitar strings

Look at all the different locations of our members.All the ideas and knowledge that get exchanged make my head go around like Linda Blair in the Exocist!!


:p :D
silver_ash86 said:
@Twisted: money does not make the world go round. it revolves round an axis!! lol...
Actually, it rests on top of four elephants, which are stood on a giant turtle swimming through space :p
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