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Anyone still own/use a Dreamcast?


13 Aug 2003
Ohh I remember in 1999 when I got my Dreamcast, then about 3 weeks after having it, I had gotten bad grades and my dad confisicated it. Then when I had my grades up again, the Dreamcast I had gotten didn't mean anything anymore...

Anyway, i'm sure theres lots of people who still play this wonderful machine, I mean the Dreamcast is probably the ONLY system that would be able to port arcade games almost if not flawlessly onto the system. It is a pretty good system, I mean it doesn't have such great visuals as the Gamecube or Playstation 2 or even the Xbox. But it was great that Sega had finally developed new hardware :) too bad they went bankrupt or something.

What games you guys play? or any recommendations?
yeah i still have mine, soul calibur is prolly the best game on there.
other games i have/had; DOA2, MvC2, tokyo extreme racer, sonic adventure, armada, power stone 1&2

also you can get sets of roms for it something like 243 SNES games on a single disc that play on the DC with no mods to the system.
Yeah, they're called like emulators or something, just too lazy to find them on torrentsearch
Sega didnt go bankrupt, they just went other consoles because its just plain easier.

As for the DC, I still play all my games. I love my DC, and am still happy with it.
Ah well thanks for clearing that up, but I still think that Sega should develop more Dreamcast games (I know that a few DC titles came out in Japan, but not for the U.S., but I doubt theyw ill because I think they think everyone already threw out their DC for the ps2/xbox or the upcomming next gen consoles.)
Sega didn't go bankrupt but they very nearly did from the Dreamcast. They lost alot of money with it. Which is a real shame. I think the dreamcast has some of the best games on it. And i also think it has as good a graphics as the Playstation 2 i.m.h.o.

hmm.. some good games on the DC?..there are loads!! here are some of my faves : Streetfighter 3 Alpha, Garou : Mark of the Wolves, Last Blade 2 : final edition, Ikaruga, Shenmue(s), Capcom Vs SNK (1+2), Metropolis Street Racer, Sonic Adventure(s)...my brain has gone numb, i cant think of any others of mine that are really really good... doh!

If your into the fighting games, try and get an official Sega Arcade Stick!!! Its really really well made and improves the beat-em-ups loads!! :)

The Dreamcast was a very underrated console. Always enjoyed playing out NFL 2K2, CvS, and Ikaruga (pre-GameCube) on that system.

I would invest in a used one, but with Ikaruga and the football games porting over to the other consoles sort of defeated the purpose.
you're going to get Jet Grind Radio. It started cell shading, has the best soundtrack ever (exposed me to Guitar Vader), and has a completely original and awesome concept(skate around, deface public property in the name of free speech).

JGR, and it's sequel, are my undisputed two favorite games.
What about Virtual On? I was so juiced when that was brought home to the DC. You could pick up the joystick for it also. I love that game.
I haven't got Mars Matrix yet..but i have ikaruga and Border Down... so i guess i just need Mars Matrix to finish of the best shooters collection. hehe ;)

Im currently after getting the older games i couldn't get hold of when i first got my dreamcast... D2 (possibly the Bliss version) is going to be mine! :D

With Mars Matrix it was weird. I felt I HAD to agree with everyone that Ikaruga was the best shooter known to man. So, it tore me up inside to bestow the title of "Most-Rockingest-Kick-Your-***-Blow-'Em-Upper" to MM. But Ikaruga still is most innovative. Wow, if I wasn't playing Ninja Gaiden right now I'd be playing that. I still haven't even unlocked everything. Word.

Winter said:
What about Virtual On? I was so juiced when that was brought home to the DC. You could pick up the joystick for it also. I love that game.

Virtual on was too hard to play for the DC without the joystick (which now costs a laughable amount money).

does anyone know how VO was on ps2?

also, tech romancer, awesome mech fighting game from our friends at Capcom. Finding an american version could be a little hard. I only ever find the european version on ebay.
i want the undubbed version of super magnetic neo
crave is so stupid! i don't like their localization of txr 1 or 2 either! blah
I use to have a DreamCast, sold it. I only had a few games, but they were some great ones: Jet Grind Radio, Soul Calibur and Shenmue! Those were some good times. But all three sequals can be found on the XBOX that I own, so Im not sweating.
The Dreamcast is AWSOME. It introduced soo many new things.
1) first online CONSOL RPG
2) first system with voice recognition game
3)cel shading
4) first system with BUILT IN modem

and much more.

I just found my DC yesterday. I recently moved and have been going through boxes left and right and found my white box of goodness. Popped in Shenmue 2 from Europe and aimlessly walked around marveling at Kowloon asking myself, "Why were people so damned stupid and abandoned this system?" Then answered my own question and asked myself, "Why were developers so damned stupid and abandoned this system?"

To me, the graphics on some of the older games were on par with some of the games out today. I have a sad feeling when I think of what a Shinobi game or something along the lines of that would have been like if the system would've been allowed to go on and grow.

All I can say is this, I will never part with it.

antantrevolution said:
All I can say is this, I will never part with it.

exactly!! I will never sell my dreamcast. I will be a hobo out on the street with a dreamcast, arcade stick and first pressing Garou Mark of the wolves and Last Blade 2! :D

I love the dreamcast!

DC was great, it had so many amazing game. R2R, Deadly Skies, Sonic Adventure, HoTD, Powerstone 1/2!!!!, chuchurocket, grandia 2, PSO etc etc

amazing console. PS2 was just more stylish and cheaper really. and had some bigger titles like gran turismo and final fantasy, and a much better pad. kinda killed it off really.
Areku said:
.....and a much better pad.

:? i dont like the ps2 pad at all.. it feels like a snes pad, which is good an all, but now just feels like a hunk of plastic. Thinking of pads maybe the japanese didn't get along with the dreamcast pad because it is quite big. :?

bad marketting killed the dreamcast i think..hehe 😌

Marketing is definately part of the cause of the Dreamcast's downfall but also it's more or less because of the fact that it's games are EXTREMELY easy to copy/pirate. My friend went on a trip to Japan and met with a guy who worked for Sega and he said that Sega were well and truly aware of the hole in the system but they never cared less for it and just went ahead as if nothing happened. It's standard procedure -> go to video shop, copy game and return it. DC was multi-region as well so you could play NTSC on a PAL system just as an example. Mind you, i like these flaws but i'd rather call it a feature/s ;) and it's this multi-region thing that makes the DC just that more appreciatable. Well, it certainly did for me and my friends.

DC's fate is really unfortunate because i reckon it had the *BEST* 2D arcade fighting game ports <- a genre i really like. PS2 and XBOX have crap and horrible ports. CVS2 on PS2 was full of jaggies, pixelation and nowhere near as smooth as the DC version. MVC2 on XBOX was slow compared to the DC version.

And you know what? Japanese games were subbed! Well, DOA2 was. Even if not all the games were subbed, it's still a huge plus over the other consoles. If they weren't subbed, Japanese games at least didn't get dubbed (usually). Playing Shenmue in Japanese with subs was cool. Unlike FFX/2.

DC was (and is) a machine that's ahead of its time.
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