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Anyone seen the new movie "Hellboy"?

Actually, thats what I went to see last night, but passed out before I got started.

Goin back to actually watch it tomorrow.
God, Don't Ya Just Hate It When....

someone sitting near you passes gas so bad it makes you lose conciousness!!


I want to see this as well.. Might have a review for you tommorow I think I will go see it..
I actually went back to see it today, this time to actually watch it, and I'll say it was pleasant.

I was suprised at how amusing it actually was. Great one-liners.
Seen Hellboy yesterday, none the less it was a good movie. Comedy side to it was a bit annoying but had some great charactars. If you liked the other Comic into Movie films like X-Men, X2, Daredevil, Spiderman. This one will be a good viewing. Kroenin was a favorite :p
Seems tight, i want to see it. did you see he had horns then they got cut off or something. man...and you said its out today??
He can grow horns, but he cuts them off to "Fit In" he grinds them off.. Also in the movie he grows them by becoming "Satan" his true identity..
Man, give the entire movie away why dont you.

Have you ever read the comic? Its not Satan he becomes.

And thirdly, stay after the first portion of the credits. It closes one loose end the film leaves.
Winter, not giving the whole movie away.. Just answering why he has no horns... Also be careful at where you see the movie at, lots of people are complaining of a "cut" version where it skips in the movie near the end because of film error. There is also a perfect version that doesnt skip.
I Was Surprised, The Quality Of The Movie Was...

quite good! Hellboy's character is very strong and steals most of the show. Like most, it leaves itself open for more
parts in the future. I hadn't read any of the comics, so I was worried I might not be able to follow the story-line.
It explained everything really well and bought in a lot of
world history and some religion. It was well worth the $6
to get in!


He Had More Work Done On His Body Than....

Soviet Soldier said:
The Nazi freak assasin kicked major ***..

Michel Jackson!! I also like the aquaman character! None
of the special effects had a cheezy look, all 1st class!


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