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Anyone seen H2 (Manga) by Adachi Mitsuru?


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28 Mar 2003
I was cleaning up my room the other day, and found some H2 manga that I used to collect. And Wow! now I am totally hooked onto this romantic manga. (yeah, i'm kind of old fashioned..)


Does anyone know how many volumes H2 have? (I've seen up to volume 34 but it still seems somewhat incomplete).
Furthermore, does anyone have details about this manga? I tried searching this title on the web, but didn't find too much information about it....
If you liked that one, you're bound to love Touch and Miyuki, also of the same author. H2 ran in Shuukan shounenn Sunday from 1992 to 2000 and is now published as a 34-volume collection in Japan, so your collection is probably complete. Unlike other manga by Mr Adachi, H2 doesn't have much of a cult following in Japan, so there is a definite lack of information about it on the Web, compounding the lack of information in English.
Thanks for the information Tasuki.

I really liked H2, but too bad the last volume is 34. The story and character interations doesn't seem to be complete since there are still many questions left to be answered. Oh well, I guess Mr. Adachi intentionally left it that way (for readers to think about the ending themselves).
I just have some questions for the drama. Although for those who only read the manga, your opinions are welcome also. Especially if there were some differences between the TV series and the manga. :)

1. What would Hiro accomplish by dragging Hideo to face-off again with him in Seinan ? Since the bat broke, it meant that the pitcher won. I can't reconcile this with Hiro's pronouncement that he wants to put an end on his first love there.

2. Could it be that Hiro knew that he wasn't picked by Hikari ? They met in the grave of Hikari's mom and if Hikari picked Hiro, she wouldn't have said that "Goodbye". If so, why the duel with Hideo ?

3. There weren't much airtime devoted to Hiro-Haruka (coupled with the twists in the final ep), which gives me an impression that Hiro picked Haruka because Hikari didn't choose him.

4. Any ideas on why it was entitled as H2 ? Hiro and Hideo prolly (Haruka and Hikari shouldn't cross my mind ) ? Also what about the Days with You ?

Thanks 🙂
you can download the tv drama of H2-live action on www.studiooto.com with subs!!! 🙂

i really love this drama, even i do not always understand the story well
I like Adachi's mangas. I used to have most of the comic books of Touch, Slow Step, and all of Rough when I was still in Japan.

I had a chance to read them in English just recently in fact. It is kinda different and strange to read them in English, but so far I have been enjoying them a lot. The translators are not professional I dont think, but they did a good job.

dutch baka 窶堋ウ窶堙ア thanks for the link.
everybody linked everything already! good work!
mentioning short program is released by viz as well
A new novel of "a touch" was released last month.
Title:Another "touch" last scene
Author: Aoki glitters

This novel is drawn in a viewpoint of close friend "Kotaro Matsudaira" of a brother of "Tatsuya Uesugi" and "Kazuya". 👍
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I browsed in a bookstore.
Since the novel was very interesting, I have read all. :sorry:
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