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Anyone play paintball or wants to?


Crazy Kitty Girl "Meow"
3 Nov 2003
Recently I have a new interest which is paintball. It's an awesome sport to play. I think you get some good friends out of it. It does cost some money to keep up this hobby but arent many hobbies like that. It's also hard to find girls that play paintball though I know only two. Contrary to what people think it doesnt hurt that bad. It all depends on how close you get shot. There is so much to paintball that I never knew existed. Even when you buy a paintball gun you have to upgrade barrels, springs and so on so forth. I cant wait to get my paintball gun on my birthday.

So everyone post even if you got questions about paintball.
I wonder if they play this sport in japan?
in japan that would be tight.
I love playing paintball. I like acting like i'm solid snake or from splinter cell. and just sneak around!!

[evil laugh:: hehehehehe....]

I didnt go with pads but I didnt throw myself onto the ground either. I think it would be cool to play paintball in the train station. You know how all those action movies are.
I like close-range fighting, you HAVE to have good refexes and think fast, just like my other post says im a good leader and if my team does what i say then we get to walk out with cash(how we play) and bragging rights.
I just like being sneaky...
A train station sounds cool like on the begining of underworld....
Or maybe a military facility with ventilation and and like being able to walk under the floor because its made out of steel plates you know what i'm think about. :D

[Solid Esca...]
lol funny esca. The close range isnt that one called speed ball. That one is bit more painful. I got shot in the head though it didnt hurt. Do you play in the woods or the field with the ballons.
damn that is cheap thats less than a mask. I dont even know what mask I want to get yet.
Paintball rulez.. but the laws in germany are quite strange... and it's damn expensive.... *grrrr*

I'm fasinated with the fancy gear. Too old - slow - outa shape to run around ,have to stay in one place. Any spots open in that type of slot ??


well frank you could be our sniper and we would do the rainbow tactic and ambush. I like how they have paintball grenades and c4's
I See My Spot !!!

The team can throw my body on top of the explosive to absorb the paint and save the team .


Im not good as a sniper so i do american shooting, shoot at everything and hope to hit, though i dont mind snipers on my team.
Now thats a man that would die for his country....or team!

Originally posted by Frank D. White
The team can throw my body on top of the explosive to absorb the paint and save the team .



:D I was laughing so hard when i heard this!

Solid Esca:: I'm a great sniper! For some reason i got good aim!?!? o_O

And i'm sneaky. American shooting,welll....actually that is american shooting. Just shoot all over and hope you get something.
Me and my friend were just shooting randomly and hit some guy in his procreating area lol it was a blast
I am a Professional Paintball player,Im sponsered by Freak/

Nothing better then paintballing.I am currently holding the newest Speed Demon,It is the best.If you dont like cleaning you gun.All you have to do is clean a part that is located on top.

Anyone ever joins Tournaments?
Oooo I just recently got into paintballing, i've already got a gun ; heres that sexy gun of mine

Tippmann a-5 with Reactive Trigger

so far no mask or nothing, but until my mommy (heh) gets her paycheck, i can't go paint balling... speedballing looks fun, already have some military camo from something like ROTC we're going to make a team, but i heard it takes blood and sweat to keep a team up and running, which is true with weight lifting
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