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27 Feb 2003
I'm a graphic artist from Canada... and NO we do not all live in igloos. I happen to have a very cute cottage style house that I rent. I don't say eh, I don't watch hockey and I don't drink beer. To top it all off, I am a French Canadian that can't hold a conversation in French. Well that just about sums up my Canadian heritage. I may seem like I am an anti-Canadian, but I really wouldn't live anywhere else.😍

I started to penpals from Japan when I was fourteen. (So long ago! I'm now 30!!! ouch!!!) I had over 17 that I was writing to, but eventually people moved away and I went to college and lost contact with all but one. I'm still in contact with Junko, I was very fortunate to have met her. Such a sweet and kind woman. I met her once when I was 15, she came to stay with my family for a month. It was great - nothing opens your eyes to the world like that. The language barrier was quite interesting - a lot of hand signs.:D

She has come to Canada a few times and we were able to see each other again just last summer. It was the most amazing thing, it's like we never lived in different countries - and she was an ace in English too. No more hand signs!:giggle:

I have always had an interest in Japanese culture, I would like to learn Japanese and someday visit Junko in Japan. She's already started a busy agenda for us! I was so happy to find this website, it's nice to know that there are others who share the same enthusiasm as I do. Well, now that I've writen my book, I'll go back to checking out the AWESOME photo selection that this site has. Hats off to the group that pulls it all together.
Greetings and welcome aboard! About the Canadian stereotypes, heh-I know all "aboot" it. Got my undergrad at LSSU (Lake Superior State University) in Sault Ste. Marie right on the Canadian border. It's great to hear that you've managed to stay in touch with your pen-pal after so long a time. Relationships like that are invaluable. I hope you enjoy your stay 🙂
Konnichiwa Point4m-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. Please enjoy the forum and learn Japanese culture.

Konnichiwa Nangi-san!

That is about all the Japanese I know right now, although I can sing the classic Sakua song and I know a few Japanese dishes, (that I just LOVE!!) like Okonomiaki (sp?). :) Is there a forum for Japanese recipies?

Thanks to all for your warm welcomes. I plan to learn a lot here, the bonus is that it is fun and interesting.
Hi point4m, welcome aboard and thanks for your kind words! 🙂

@ Japanese recipies: that's an interesting idea, perhaps we should open a culinary section here at the forum.
That would be great! I was given a cookbook from Junko, but unfortunately it's all in Japanese. It has amazing photos so it isn't to difficult to follow along. It would be nice if it was translated though...
Hi and welcome to the forum, ah culinary section!! Now, that's a great idea, then us folk (with no Japanese connections, wisdom or expertise) may have a chance to live life to the full, sushi!!! A must!!! Can any-one give a recipe for this dish???????? I am dying to try it!! 🙂 🙂🙂
I can ask my friend Junko to write some out for me. I also have a few sites that I can find some amazing dishes on. Whenever a culinary section starts up I'll have at least 5 recipies that I can post. Just let me know when to expect it.
well the "admin Thomas" will decide if its a section worth investing in, I for one will be awaiting its arrival😄
@ point4m, thank-you for your purposed input🙂 🙂 lets keeps fingers crossed that all will prevail(spell?)
My spelling is impossible!! Forgive me, please!! 🙂
If you would like, I can email recipies to you. It will take a few times to get on to making sushi, the worst part is the wrapping. Otherwise it is really quick and easy! There is another quick and easy soup recipie that's called Miso soup. You need to buy the paste, but if you type miso in your search engine, you should find places that sell it in your area or online. Okonomiaki is a delicious potato pancake recipie. You use bacon and green onions in it and top it off with a special sauce and the amazing Japanese mayonnaise!!! MMMMM!
Oh!! that sounds so delicious, my e-mail address is open to you, please if you can find the time get writing those recipes, it would be an experience of a lifetime to try to cook these items, and your time and effort are greatly appreciated!!!🙂 🙂 👏
Thank-you point4m,🙂
No problem! 👍
I'll get some things together and send it to you within the week.
I'm absolutely in favor of a culinary section, lol! Here's my suggestion: start posting tips, links and recipies in the "All Things Japanese" forum, once there are enough threads I'll just move them over to the new subforum. Would that be OK with you?
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I'll start collecting ingredients lolol. I bought these sushi rice and sushi nori (edible roasted sea-weed sheets) to-day, and I'm looking forward to trying the wrapping process (not) lolol
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