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Anyone knows Naruto?


1 Sep 2003
naruto ,a comis about ninja ,anyone knows it? 🙂

my avatar is kakashi .naruto's teacher ,and my signature is his most powerful skill!!!
Konnichiwa Keithd-san!

I know Naruto! I often watch TV Anime Naruto. But I don't know Naruto thoroughly. And I have never read Manga Naruto yet.:p

Yes yes... it is still in release (i think it is up to eps 47 now)....

I just hope that it doesn't span to >100 episodes (since i rarely start to watch an anime that has not been completed yet)

think he's pretty hot right now over there
saw a lot of displays and dioramas with the crew
I love the manga. Haven't seen the show.......I like how you can just go back a few pages and reread what happened to understand better. Oh and another thing.....................Shonen-Jump anyone?

Ha ha, budd thinks Naruto's hot.............
Naruto is okay. I like other manga and animes better. It was still good though. And it was really funny,but some parts got kinda confusing.
is your avatar really kakashi? its kinda a little different with the one in the manga i read. well, anyway yes.. kakashi is my fav chara in naruto too. too bad they use a kinda (in my opinion) sucks shoes instead what real ninja has.
Yup that's Kakashi alright. 'Cept without his distinctive headband. If you look closely, you can see his shingarin eye........
Yeah Naruto is a really good anime as well as manga. Its my fave since it has been able to hold my attention much longer than most of my past faves. Hatake Kakashi, is my fave character. He looks cool, he kicks butt, and alot of other things too ;) I only have to volume 2 in the manga though US releases are so slow......I want to get the original Japanese versions though, i think they are on volume 16 or 17 somwhere around there. Also I was wondeing cuz i was kinda confused. Did Sasuke vow to kill Kakashi?
Yeah.👏 I have the 1and 2 volume in Japanese and have a lotta fun translating it. I highly recommend doing that....👍
Well, I'm going to try to order them. I ordered volume 19, haha, a little ahead, but still cool I need to find where to get the others.
The manga is up to 20 over here, got all of them. I dont think he vowed to kill Kakashi.... i might double check tho. The manga comes out about bimonthly or 2 every 3 months. Im so impatient, i want them all now! haha

It looks popular, its got a prime spot on tv so i cant see it just dissapearing or anything strange.
Naruto's cool, its for the hyperactive child in me. I think educated guesses...uh, guess that the anime will stretch to around 500 episodes at this rate. The manga is still being written (up to chapter 200 I think) and we're only up to episode 68 (which is...uh, chapter 100? )...(damn those stupid flashbacks and episode recaps)
I watch naruto every week...it's like I'm waiting for it a whole week :)
this week Naruto ep 80 came out...It was a sad episode....the hokage died :(

anyways NARUTO ROCKS !!!!! :cracker:
I have been watching Naruto since the beginning; the humour is fantastic. Naruto is an excellent character, but the supporting cast is brilliant too - not to mention music that really fits the mood and some pretty hairy adventures.

And the occasional chuckle when Naruto loses his Ramen meal voucher and goes ape. :)

Pretty much the only other current series I can think of that even comes close, is One Piece...
They are upto episode 96 in the anime and number 225 in the manga, so the anime has a little bit to go to catch up to the manga storyline. Only trouble is that the two groups doing the fan-subs have had a lovers tiff and one of them has stopped doing it, so we'll probably have a wait a bit longer for each new episode :(
naruto is pretty cool, i watch the episodes and read the manga, right now they just released episodes 95 and 96. Question, where do u guys find kakashi avatars and gifs ?
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