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Anyone knows Japanese authors writing evil stories?


13 Aug 2003
write short stories of an "evil" kind? uhm, i guess naming german authors who do so doesnt really help here. i mean stories who have mostly bad, horrible or gross ends of the kind which are not expected at all. you know what kind i mean? or surrealistic short stories are fine too. i love weird short stories. just something with mostly happen or bad ends... would be great if anyone knows japanese books of the kind or japanese authors who have this style. 🙂
Hmm... i'm not so sure what's your definition or threshold for 'grossness', but you can try reading 'Sakai Jiken' (translated as 'Sakai Jiken' in English) by Mori Ogai. I think i've mentioned this in a previous post. It vividly describes the ritual suicide that Japanese were know for.... worked for me... (totally grossed out after reading).
Hmm, ty for the reply. I can describe one or two stories of the kind I mean.
For example, one story describes a doctor who focused on eye-surgery. As a child, he lost an eye himself and has since then one glass-eye. in the story, he's driving on a remote street on a night with mist and everything around and then sees someone having a car crash, tries to help. But the person, a young man in a fast card, is instant death. He notices he seems to have the same kind of eyes, and since the man just died, the eyes could still be transplanted. So he takes a knife, cuts the eye out, puts it into some protection liquid, drives to his working place and lets his colleagues implant the eye where his glass eye has been. Then after the surgery, when he wakes up again (the eye is still under a protection cover), he does some research on the young man that died and found out that this man was like him, blind in one eye. he implanted an eye which is of no use.

Another story is about an older woman who is annoyed by the noise of a guy working and renewing the street. Then she tells a police officer that the guy working at the street is her nephew who bet with his friends that he can destroy the street without being arrested, and she tells that worker that an actor living here is annoyed by the noise and that the actor will disguise as police-officer to stop him.
So they both meet, police-officer things the guy (whose job is to repair the street) wants to destroy the street and wants to stop him. The worker thinks that the guy is just an actor who wants to stop him from doing his job. Both get into a quarrel. The worker hits the police offer on the head, who accidentally shoots, and both fall dead to the ground. And there is no noise anymore on the street.

That kind of. But I will do some research on the one you named. thank you. ;)
Maybe Edogawa Ranpo, or writers of this period, friends of Tanizaki, which wrote quite dark and terryfying stories...
no no no...

king is not in akutagawa's class, and i was just giving the original poster a reccomendation...i think that story is just what he seeks..
Well, Stephen King is ok. but not directly what I was searching for. ^-^ I mean, king wrote so much. If I want to read king, then I get a book about him. :)
but thank you all for the tips. I will have a look for those authors/books. ;)
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