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Anyone know where I can get rice flour in the states?


26 Jan 2004
i'm trying to make those little skewered rice balls with the syrup and the recipe calls for rice flour. to be honest, i've never even heard of it. does anyone know if super wal-mart has it or if i'm better off checking at the local asian grocery? thanks.
Probably the local Asian grocery would be the best bet. Super Wal-Mart carries right much Asian stuff, but I have never seen rice flour there. I think just about any Asian grocery store has it, and it's called Mochiko. The Asian grocery here is run by a Vietnamese lady, and she carries quite a lot of Japanese products, including Mochiko. Just bought some a couple weeks ago, as a matter of fact.
No problem!

Here's an image, by the way:


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score! thanks kirei na mei, i just found some at my local korean market. it's the exact same one as the picture you posted.

tasukete kurete arigatou gozaimashita
ooh....what are the skewered rice balls called? and the and the flower coverd rice ball that has azuki bean paste inside? That stuff is really good
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