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Anyone know this site ?

lol ya I've seen that a while ago but its a great site and what he says about the classmates is dead on.

I went to a Japanese school and my classmates were all otakus and I wanted to kill them all. One was a "The Know It All" that bastard bought the teachers manual and studied the lessons in advance where the rest of class had photo copies from the teacher. So he knew every thing from the start of class.

So after a few lessons I stopped caring, I didn't study and every one though I was a burn. My teacher was to shy to tell me I was the worst so she kept writing on my tests "keep going!!" lol. Even if 5 hiragana signs were filled on my hiragana test.

So I quit, I think anyone here would have too, just picture this girl with blue hair and a digimon shirt and this fat kid next to you struggling to breathe always talking about his science class and how kool his sister is because she's a sempai.
Ya, if I ever go back again i'll go with the adults there still some otakus but more of those " I wanna know what my wife screams when were having sex" guys
lol that made my day, but whats a sempai?

[" I wanna know what my wife screams when were having sex" guys] rofl
Yeah that's what everryone said but i thought it was already known here so i hesitated to post it ^^
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