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Anyone Interested in Translating Anime?


18 Apr 2003
Hi all!

I was wondering if any of you would be interested in translating Anime.

I'm part of an Anime Fansub group and I was wondering if any of you were interested in translating for us. We do do a lot of projects and have a nice crew.

To find out more about us, you can check out our website at www.animeco.org and visit us at irc.animeco.org

If you want to find me online, leave a message with me (jarod_007 or jarod[out] on irc :) But I'll check my PM's on this forum too ;)

I hope someone can get back to me soon ;)

Oh, it is a volunteer position... but you do get the benefits of getting the latest japanese animation (raw) and various other things.
Used to do translations long time ago...did a few things relating to Armored Trooper Votoms, Space Battleship Yamato and a few others for a local fan-group based in the pacific NW, but I'm really not impressed with the new wave of anime stuff these days....and I've been burned out from translating....but out of curiosity, what are the benefits?
Benefits. You get access to Dumps and Raws (even of series we aren't doing).

The thing is, we work at our own pace and don't push people to pump out translations etc. I guess we only except maybe 1 episode to be translated every 2 weeks. (if you can do a week, that would be great!!)

And if you want to see any series done, we'll be sure to help you do it.

We aren't one of those speed groups that constantly push people but more of one of those quality groups who would rather get accurate translations and crisp encodes over fast and dodgy with errors.

If you are still interested, send me a pm ;)
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