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Anyone got pets?


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14 Mar 2002
We just "emptied" our digicam and found some pics of our most-beloved family member: Wasabi, a Djungarian hamster. They are very popular in Japan, so my wife was quite excited when we found that little guy here. Oh, we still don't know if it's a boy or a girl.

I admit, they're really cute...


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Another one: cleaning his nose whenever he/she's embarrassed, lol.


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They are cute indeed,
I have at the last count of 32 goldfish. They actually belong to the kids. We started with 2, then got a larger tank, then had 10 and now third time lucky(this aquarium is enormous), the 32 fish swim around quite happily. If you place your finger on the aquarium glass and move it along at any speed, the fish all follow your finger, which has both my kids giggling forever, as the poor fish bump into each other and even fight at the glass. :D
So fishes do interact with humans...

If you are interested in (Japanese) fish or have a pond, check out these pages. Koi are getting more and more popular in Europe, although they're not exactly cheap.

=> http://www.koi.com.my

=> http://www.koicarp.demon.co.uk

=> http://www.causewaykoi.com/showcategory.asp?cat=fish (based in N. Ireland)
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5 goldfish
6 Cats (2 boys 4 girls) 2 -orangish 2 - whiteish 2 - brownish all, either Tabi-long hair or Chinchilla long hair.

Pain in the but to clean up all the hair that is on the carpets, on the furniture, on clothes and such but I still like all very much :)

@ koi
My father has about 20+ ??? koi. A friend from college father owned a koi shop in Santa Barbara.

They're cool fish that's for sure.
Wow, are all of the cats living in your apartment? And who's the leader of the pack?
Good God moyashisensei. At one time Lisa and I had 3 snakes, 2 rabbits, 6 rats, 8 gerbils, 3 cats, 1 bird, 2 hamsters, and 2 dogs.

Now we just have Sheba (10 year old Calico cat), Goliath (9 year old German Sheppard/Rottwieler mix) and Jonathan (3 year old little boy)...lol

Getting Jonathan some fish soon though.
My sister's friend way back was playing mommy and in turn washed her goldfish and put baby powder on them to make the smell prettier.

My sister's friend's mother when she was young put nare (hair remover) on the cat to see if it would work. Apparentely it did ...

2 boys 4 girls
ga-chan, fu-chan
melon-chan, pine-chan, sara-chan, kitty-chan

My wife basically named them all.

ughhh, I gotta change the goldfish's water pretty soon ...
I have a robotic dog, and his name is BOBO. And recently, I got a robotic vacuum cleaner. Her name is ROMBA.
Love My Cat !

If my house was burning, I'd be hard pressed to decide to save my cat Moonshadow or my wife first. I can't believe how much the cat loves me!
I have a small fishtank that contains.....5 fish. >.< lol, my family always has fish, i've always had a tank since I was born, weird eh? Were fish ppl. Yup ^_~
These are my pets...

Starski and Hutch. They do not do much. They eat, sleep, goto the washroom and play all day ...

I have a cat, Sebastien, and a dog, Bella. Sebastien is just an ordinary tabby, besides the fact that he's 20 pounds, and Bella is a Shetland Sheepdog. She looks like a little Lassie.
Hmmm, we have a cat here in the flat I live in with 3 other students. Some years ago, someone didn't take it with her when moving out, and the cat just stayed. It's an old big evil, a bad-mood cat with a bad foot and who turns her back on you when you talk to her to show you that the wall is more interesting than you. But it's fun anyway.
And I've got a dog for my family.
Oh btw, the animals posted first look like degus somehow.
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well... i have had tortoises as pets when i was a little girl but my Dad actually took them to the pond one day and released them!!! I cried for several days after that. Then there was this craze in Singapore where people were selling 'colored chicks' (actually they had dyed the feathers) as pets. My Dad bought me 3 but they were making so much noise chirping throughout the night that we had to give them away the next day. After the chicks, we had no pets for many years until my friend had to give away some of her hamsters and one of them eventually ended up in my house. The little guy passed away last year due to old age. It was really sad..... Right now, i have another hamster (sapphire-white) also given by a friend. I'm still living with my parents and they are afraid of dogs. But i really love golden retrievers and would love to have one in the future...
Originally posted by Carolgirl00
Starski and Hutch are adorable! I've always kinda wanted to get a dog, but I think I'm allergic to them. T_T

maybe your parents just told you that so you can not have any pets!

You: I want a dog!
Mom: Your allergic to that.
You: I want a turtle!
Mom: Allergic to that as well.
You: I want a picture of a dog then!
Mom: Oh sorry honey, Your allergic to those as well!
I don't have a pet which is sad but I have had many as a child before I moved out of home:

Bugs, a rabbit.

Bugs the 2nd, new rabbit after bugs died. ( I was only 3 so not very inspired with names)

Sheba, dalmation dog. Possibly the best dog in the world ever!

Chleo, labrador/collie cross breed. Technically my little sisters' dog but cool as hell! She was like a puppy in spirit till the day she died.

I had to take her to the vets and make the decision to put her down as my Mum couldn't tell the vet on her own. Saying goodbye to her knowing she'd be dead soon was THE hardest thing I have ever had to do! It's a terrible responsibility to be asked to play god for a pet who is in real suffering but I always look back at her with the best memories and laugh! She was bonkers in the best way!

Pets rule! I wish I could have a dog now but I live in a flat on my own and it would not be right. When I have kids I'll definitely get a dog as it was such a great part of my childhood!

C ya. ^_^
i have a cat called Korky (hey, my mum named him...id change it if i could) and he is three weeks older then me - he's 18 and 4 months and im beginning to think he is immortal. but i need to give him a bath
I have 2 male cats: Mochi and Genki. I don't have any recent pics of them on the computer (our digital camera sucks and we don;t have a scanner) but I do have pics of them as kittens. They're about a year old and adorable as ever. Genki thinks I'm his mommy. Guess that's why he always asks me for food. He has a taste and then he's happy. He' so soft too. Mochi's the agressive one. He's bigger and more manly looking. You can tell he's a boy (unlike Genki b/c Genki is small and sorta femine).


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