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Anyone going to Tokyo In. Anime Fair 2004?


6 Mar 2004
Im a norwegian male journalist student, 22 yrs, going to the Tokyo Anime Fair alone, to write an article for my exam. If anyone is going there too, id love to hook up for a cup og coffee or just to hang, just to meet someone among the 70.000. Please mail me at [email protected] if youre interested.


Hans Ivar
Wow, you must be extremely rich in order to just go to write an exam and go back ;) be sure to take me alone with you lol
hey pikachu!, err yeah I had really bored and I watched the first movie yesterday on cartoon network -.- oh yeah please bring us some pics (hopefully cute cosplay girls? kekekeke >_>)
i might (or might not -- if i can't get no hotel befo i go, i ain't going!) be going, but i like my anonymity, plus i'm very selfish -- i am not telling the girls about it either! i can't even buy CDs in peace, what if they got some djshi there? oahhhhh
hope a brother have a safe trip is what i'm saying. peace!
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