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Anyone ever been to one of those "International Parties" in Japan?


6 Jun 2003
I've noticed there are a bunch of clubs which hold "international parties" in Japan (this one for example). I'm trying to meet more people in general here, so I was thinking about checking out a couple of them.... so I was wondering, if anyone has been to one of these and what they thought of them. Are they worth the time? Are any of them better than the others and are there ones I should avoid? Any info would be appreciated!
I have been at one of these parties recently. Although I had no intention to find a "soulmate", it turned out to be quite entertaining, but I guess it depends on the crowd. Definitely fun, although you have to drink fast.

Yeah I went to one before too.... actually it was for christmas eve or something....

lots of people from JET were there... but other than that it was kinda lame...
everyone is just too old for me hehe
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