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Anyone else draw?

silver angel

Resident Latina
26 Sep 2003
This is one of my many drawings ^_^ I'm hoping to be an animator but I dunno if I could qualify.....critiques please!
Michael Jordan,Penny Hardaway

well when I was grade 6,the teacher told us to draw

and then I spent many hours drawing a portrait of Michael Jordan doing a lay up and my idol Penny Hardaway trying to block the shot
I drew Jordan by looking at his poster,
the Penny one was imaginery,
Penny vs Jordan was the most anticipated basketball match during that period of time before Penny being bothered by his knee injury and his abilities hugely decreased,he was considered to be the next Jordan.
I was always hoping he could beat Jordan

I put lots of efforts into the picture,probably the best picture i have ever drew in my life,my classmates said the picture was cool too,
but the teacher said the picture does not fit the topic she gave to us,and she didn't give me back the picture...
Very good. The only thing I have a problem with is the nose, It's a little to sharp. You need to soften it just a little.
thing is, practice really makes perfect
when charles schultz first started lil gang or whatever, it looked completely different from what peanuts is now/recently was
good luck!
I draw, I have to draw, for my school etc.
I'm don't draw nature or anything cute, it's more or less human or even alien characters, a little bit sad, twisted, melancholic pictures or so...and it's usually women. It's not manga either.

But to your picture Silver Angel- considering that you're now 17(?) years old, your drawing is amazing! It's really good, especially for the use of colours. How did you colour it?
But there's something that bothers me with the position of the right arm (the one that goes back), and something with the position of her dress.
Anyways, good work :) Maybe you could post some more pictures in the gallery or something? I think we should have an art gallery here too (!!).
😊 Thanks again guys! ^_^
Chipi: I used prismacolours for this one, I usually use them for all of my drawings. About the right arm...ツャ_ツャ;;; I didn't know what to do with it XD so I though " hey, that arm should go there...." so I did. ^_^ I just turned 16 in june. W00t! First day of summer too! *jigs* SUMMER BABY *_*
for some reason, that last pic reminded me of Hello Cthulhu
Heh, good one, Ghettocities ;)

But does anyone else support the idea of having an art gallery section here as well? I'd love it... 😍
please, please, please, let us have one...
They have it on the http://www.aznraps.com message board, it's fun because we always have art battles, like someone draws a diss to someone and the other person draws a diss back, it's fun and on top of the battles they always have people posting really good artwork so the next time someone says Asians are good at math you an tell them they draw really good too.

:) Here's another one! ^_^ the profiles are messed up badly, and the scanning isn't that great...and I was told that the girl looked like a man.
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