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anybody seen this show?

I don't know the show, but we have a few of these plush creatures at home, because - according to my wife - they are so "kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii", lol. I'm wondering why it's classified as Adults 18+. Are they reproducing on the show?


Guess it's time to change my avatar. Hm, Toro Papa....
They sell the figurines? Hmm.....I guess I'll have to get some when I go over there....at the end of this month.... :D
It could only be better if Postman Chick was Angry Postman Chick. Surely you can be angry and cute at the same time?
I'm not very talented, but this chicklet seems to be a bit angry (probably only registered letters in its bag).


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Woah, hey! Now that's made my Christmas, Thomas. Angry Postman Chick looks like he's going to kick some hideously deformed seal ***. Go angry postal worker! How come he gets such a crap name anyway. Perfectly accurate, of course, but still absolute arse, especially compared with Mr Surf Shrimp. . .

On an unrelated note, who's your avatar at the moment? I keep wanting to put a picture of Ibisimuru (think I've got that right) from Ganbare Goemon (Mystical Ninja) but I can't find a suitable image of the camp little Ninja of Justice anywhere. . . A picture of him mid-run would be great. . . Or, worryingly, in his undergarments. Ganbare Goemon rocks the world - and angry postal workers don't say that about much. Just ask Postman Chick.

Maybe I could have Angry Postman Chick as an avatar until Ibisimuru shows himself. . .
My former avatar was Hattori-kun.


It's one of my wife's favorite characters:

Ninja Hattori-Kun was a mid-Seventies comic serial created by Fujio Fujiko, the same two-man team who was responsible for the insanely successful Doraemon series. Although it never reached the commercial heights of Doraemon, Ninja Hattori-Kun was popular enough to warrant both an animated and a horrible-looking live action television show in Japan. The Hattori-kun series remains all but unknown outside of Japan.

Source: http://www.toyboxdx.com/data/yonezawa/yonezawagokin.htm

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any info on Ibisimuru. The Postman Chick is yours.
Hey, I like watching Hattori anime serie. Sometimes when I'm videozapping I find one or two episode displaying on the Panda Channel.
It's curious, because I thought that Hattori was really similar in style to Doreamon and you confirmed me that it did was the same guys.
I got to thinking, and one of the reasons why you may have trouble finding Ibisimuru is that . . . his name's Ebisumuru. Curse you, damned snake gods of Romaji nastiness.

I had another thought . . . maybe it's Ebisimuru. . . Ebusimuru. . .

Thanks for Angry Postman Chick anyway. . .
Just looked at the back of the packaging of my N64 Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon and it's Ebisimaru. Well, I was close. . .

He looks a bit like Hattori-kun, only fat, with a big nose and a questionable taste in perfumed loincloths. . .
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