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Anybody play splinter cell??

I've played splinter cell, and i didnt find it very fun, im usually a big fan of tacticle and covert ops games, but i couldnt find this one enjoyable, theres just something about having to shoot a guy in the head 3 or times point blank before he dies... that kinda spoils the realism feel to the game... that and all you get for the longest time was the pistol. :( but thats just my opinion... good graphics tho :p
... headshots usually kill one shout manji, I never had a problem with that... thats odd that you found it out.

I think its a pretty good game, better than MSG2 and maybe equal to MSG 1 (When it came out it was so ridicoulosly good... ). MSG 2 had waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many cutscenes, that just ruined the game for me. I loved the story in Splinter Cell and I found it had waay more cool things to do than MSG2. Some of the weapons like the sticky cameras were so well done. I only had one quivel with the game and that was the second chinese embassy mission... it was so ridiculously hard that I quit the game without finishing it. But overall though it was really enjoyable and mostly realistic.
splinter cell gooood!

I personaly like SC better than MGS. Ubi did a great job with the game and I can't wait for Pandora Tomorrow. I also think Hideo Kojima games are to hyped, they are decent games but not that great. My opinion though.
I'm really like the game! though this cia mission is kicking my tail! Haven't got to a part that i get to use the sticky camera but i can't wait.

Head shots are easy! i love'em!
the room where you get the gun but you have to pass the computer(generator room).grrrrrr... I will defeat it today or my name isn't esca!!!!:D
I'm deep in now!
im in the room where you have to pass the armored camera and security guard this is tough i got a small amount of health and i want to beat the game with little to none quickloads...
[gets jittery like a squirel]

worse! Damn! i gotta get moree focused! I will finish the splinter cell!!!
Well whats up ahead?!?!?! Tell me a little something, but don't tell the good parts...i like to be surprised ;)
[Shakes hand in the sky...]
Two embassy missions... one I couldn't beat so I quit the game. Another in a meat packing plant that I was for the most part was at like one sliver of life left the whole time
Hey! i beat the meat packing plant! like last night while eating cheetos!!

THANK GOD FOR CHEETOS! I destroyed two semis with nukes on them... i have like 89% done! i will finish the splinter cell! So noyhauser you can't give up!

I said I could beat the plant... I did it on a sliver of life. I think My TV's tube nearly had a heart attack with the white mist.

young paduan... you are now entering the EMBASSY!!... trust me this mission will make you cry.
I beat the game two weeks ago. This game gets really good at the end! man that mist was killer. i was killin people with head shots left and right! then those dogs!? man this was a good game.
nope, mGs is better though chaos theory looks better than SOL but not as goods as SE
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