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Any Visual Kei stores for guys?


23 Dec 2002
Is there any Visual Kei stores out there that i could get stuff online and it isnt for females. I found some VK stores but its all female stuff. Please tell me is there any ^^
You could try www.hottopic.com... it's not exactly visual kei but it's close and well a lot of J-rockers wear female stuff.
Yes most of them do crossdress...or make their own, Toshiya does that...but yeah any VK sites that you found for girls is probably the same for guys...I just say don't wear a skirt if that's not the look you're going for
in the summer issue of the gothic and lolita bible, they featured some guys in vk attire, some where wearing skirts, but their looks could be modified. hope i helped!
that's true a lot of the looks are modified...that's probably about as good as a guy could do...unless you want to be more like Mana?
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