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Any thing really cool or weird you know about Japan? ;)


5 Jan 2004
I just wanna know if you know anything cool or weird about Japan, something a lot of people would'nt know about!👍 I study Japanese, Japan and it culture all the time, so suprise me with something great!:D
I remember.....

my first time going to the city and seeing these giant 4 & 5 story high green nets. They were really big and like nothing I'd ever seen. I walked around checking it out and found out it was a golf driving range between all the big buildings. Never had anything like that in Maine.


Maybe not all....

resturants do it this way, but I ordered spagetti at a small place. He takes some pre-cooked noodles that looked like curly spagetti out of a bag, throws them in a fry pan, once hot ,sprinkled ketchup on top and gave me my order. Blew my mind !


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