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any suggestions for a kitty name? I just got one!


7 Dec 2003
Yay! I just got a kitty! :D He's so kawaii, but the problem is I haven't been able to think of any names -_-Any one have suggestions? :?
awwwww a kitty!!!!! a good way to name it is by what it doe swhat color it is um.....br...ai..moufu..ctionnn.. J/k um..i tried 😌 ok my brain has starte up again heres,Peony,Hirosh, Jiro Kado Kazuo Ken taro Kin Kioshi,Makoto Raidon Saburo Shiro Tanaka Taro Udo Yoshi Yuki
I Try To Think About What If I Have To..

call for it. If my friends were standing around, I don't want to shout a name that makes me sound stupid, not that a cat will come when you call. It should be something short & simple the cat can learn.I give my cat a name, but then use a nick-name like Pus-Pus when I talk to it.Of course, if it's a pure bred, that's a whole new ball game!In most cases it's best to have an indoor cat, they live MUCH longer than an outdoor cat.

Well, it depends on what color he is, his personality, etc.

Like my cat, Raven, is solid black and he just has a dark personality. My cat, Morrison(named after Jim Morrison), is long and lean and cool and even looks like Jim Morrison, and my cat, Sebastien, well...I just named him after a friend of mine.
Around Here They Have Cats For Adoption At...

pet stores and pet shows. They have sad little stories about their owner dying or some such tear-jerker. My wife & I always want to take all of them home. I can see me on the news someday; crazy ol man arrested for having 800 cats in his tiny house! I'm doomed, but I love cats so!!

I find it weird that people name there cats or pets with a human names. Like my friend's cat is called Eric, it still freaks me out when he says "Eric slept with me last night" :p
^-^ thanks for the suggestions 👍 I wanted to name him Zaku but my little sister didn't like it -_- She has to agree on it too so its going to be a problem. We adopted this kitty, he is 6months old and was abandoned when he was really small. He is really friendly though in spite of his abuse. I wanted to adopt this really fat siamese cat but my mother didn't want to beacuse he is only really active at night, my kind of cat.
Momo, kiko, those are all fine and cute, but for once, as a cat owner, shy away from the cutesy names, and choose a title for the animal with reverence. Draconius demands respect, and I assure you the animal will be head of the pack when it ventures out amongst other cats.
aye, draconius demands respect. but so does Vladimir ^^) a friend of mine had a cat with 7 digits on each foot called Vladimir, or vlad for short.
he was a beast

how bout Mars, roman god of war..
To Bad You Couldn't Have Got Two !!

We always try to have at least a pair of cats so they can entertain each other. It's fun to name two at the same time. My first pair were Butch Catsidy & Sundance Kit.

Winter said:
Draconius demands respect
Draco would demand more respect, being the obvious progenitor of the Draconian line, and therefore superior to any Draconii...
howabe said:
Draco would demand more respect, being the obvious progenitor of the Draconian line, and therefore superior to any Draconii...

Its a cat. I'm pretty sure the little b*stard isnt a part of the Draconian bloodline.
I like Vladimir it reminds me of the vampires.But I also like draconius, it has a goth-y feel to it, like he was some evil demon cat who is capeable of ripping you to shreds (like that rabbit in monty python)
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