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Any Steel Angel Kurumi fans out there?

ive seen abit of it. the 1st disc was on sale awhile back for $10 so i picked it up.
it's alright

for somebody's first anime
i would buy it if i saw it on sale for like $15 maybe
I've seen the 1st series, 2nd series, and Zero OVA. I recommend that you avoid the Zero OVA unless you've become a hardcore Kurumi fan.
I saw the first seris with dvd 1-5 counting the bonus tape.And did't see 2 sereis yet but what's so bad about zero?
Zero is totally different. Pointless drama to fill up 3 short OVAs trying way too hard to convey an underlying meaning with the Angel heart for this series, and a depressed, "Kyuuin!-less", way too self-conscious Kurumi.
i'm only a fan of the cover (drool) never pushed forward the cash to buy it tho. is it worth watching. maybe i'll just download it.
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