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Any other Japan punk fans here?


11 Aug 2003
I just joined and wondered if there are any other punk fans here.

I have a website I have made in english for Star Club, Laughin Nose, Swankys, Genbaku Onanies, Cobra etc

If you like it and want to help it grow please reply!

Because I don't understand the language (thank goodness for babelfish translater!!) I am short of information...

click on the little button below...
hey I'd be glad to help...I know HTML and some Javascript maybe we could start a huge jpunk community site thing ... interested?
fans of japan punk music [edit: japanese punk music]
japanese fans of punk music? just asking
That's fans of japan punk...

Nanahara - take a look at my site:

And let me know what you think. The back end is pretty expandable, so if you want to do something, let me know. I'm trying to get my server sorted out so I can put a forum in as well.
That reminds me that the first Japanese band I was listening to was Lolita No.18...
nanahara - i just looked at your website - you're just a kid!

what do you know about jap punk??

and is that you with the ozzy & angelina jolie posters behind you?

i don't think we're gonna get along!!!

i hate all the bands all of you list!

no offence mate, but...
haha, ok here we go... I'm 15 yes that young!! the ozzy posters and angelina jolie posters belong to the bassist (slight metal-head) the bands on my list arent the only bands I like and I do know about J-Punk just becuase I am 15 doesnt mean I am stupid... I find it pretty bad that you can just tell a person to get stuffed just because you don't like the bands they listen to... but hey everyone has their opinions...you're the one losing out on help, not me so bye... :)
believe it or not but, being around the scene for so (too?) long i've seen so many young whippersnappers like you come and go its boring...

its always the same - so really no offence - but i've been there and done that so many times...

c'mon lets face it you're just an mtv punk wannabe. if you actually turned off your tv and went out and did something less boring instead...then maybe

i should have known from the love and peace crap...
And another thing - why did you turn off the link to your webpage??

If you're not ashamed of who you really are?

******* loser...

here it is for those that wanna see real fake punx.. (just like good charlotte spell it..)
hahahaha people like you make me laugh, I'm not going to pollute this board with petty arguments, and if you want to know why I took the address off is because I discovered there are people like you floating around on it...
real fake punx <--- thats a good one, firstly I can spell punks... secondly Good Charlotte have to be the worst band to emerge on MTV, MTV is for people who have bad record collections... young whippersnappers eh? how do you expect the scene to grow if young people dont take interest in it? about the turn your TV off...thats rich... I don't watch TV and I actually do go out, I venture to many shows to support the local punk scene and will give an arm and a leg to see bands that rarely show up in this whole I live in (Leftover Crack, The Hard-ons, HWM to name a few) so maybe you should do some research...you think I am probably some MTV punk wannabe cos I don't sport a mohawk or a leather jacket... thats fine, personally I don't care if you don't like me but please dont throw insults at me which are false and dont judge a person on image... I joined this forum to escape this kinda crap that is on so many other forums... oh well... who cares I'm not "punk" enough to be talking to a "hardcore "punk" rocker" like yourself... see ya...
oh and the love and peace thing...try Trigun...
Take care
it was just a general statement, All music channels play a playlist of music right? thats what they do, y'know all that interactive junk... well I wouldn't wanna sit and watch someone elses playlist unless my record collection sucks...
look, I really don't wanna start an argument over nothing, lets just agree to disagree... we have different musical tastes... just don't call me a poser because of my age
"punx" was meant as satire....

trigun? what in christ name is that? is it some obscure anime or manga reference?

maybe you're just too young to understand anything other than wanking over your mums littlewoods catalogues...

no mohawk? my god how are you going to get on one of those postcards of london? call yourself a real punk?

get yourself a pink mohawk and a four pack of Kestrel lager (or cider) then you'll be a real punk, my son...

now do you see?

look up this word in the dictionary:


by the way it would have been great if you had said you were a fan of the stalin, g-zet, ghoul, continental kids then i would have known you were serious about your interest in jap punk - other than that i can only assume you are some kind of scene groupie...
gees sorry, i have only recently got into J-Punk shoot me, my friend introduced me to it after he found I was a fan of punk (not the **** MTV stuff before I get a lecture) and has been introducing me to the bands... now I'm sorry if lending a helping hand to try and find out more about the scene is a crime, I was uninformed
i wish i new punk

i thought punk was a type of music i didnt know you had to wear a mohawk lol and does have to be pink i like olive better.


most of my friends are like that i am the nice one out of them lol i hate my life

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