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Any One Here Live In Kagoshima!? 窶堋ゥ窶堋イ窶堋オ窶堙


5 Jan 2004
;) This is crazy but I just wanted to say hello to all my friends in 窶啀窶扼room窶啅 at (GyokuRyuu) 窶ケテ岩?板エHighSchool and the Principal too! I know no one is going to do this, but it's nice thought :p

- Veronica :)
Hi! I live in Kagoshima! I haven't heard of that school though. Is it in Kagoshima city or elsewhere in Kagoshima prefecture? I live about an hour away from Kagoshima city. I hope you had a great time here ;)
I am originally from New Zealand, but I live here with my Japanese husband.
:) Awwww! That's so cute ^_^ I wish I could live in Japan, I loved it sooooo much (T_T) I believe it's right in Kagoshima city:p thanks for taking intrest though 😌
- Veronica:p
OoO() I e-mailed them at the new site, and no-1 ever responded ^_^ Thank you so much, I never new about this new site ^_^() thanks again so much!
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