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Any one here as excited as me about the Final Fantasy VII movie, "Advent Children?"


5 Jan 2004
I'm really excited:) Who is that myterious person who fights Cloud!? And the weelchair person...I heard that was Aeiriths...rumor ofcourse:p Have you seen Cloud and Sephiroth! There so friggen hot! 😍 I attached a pic 👍 hope you like it🙂


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Psyched? maybe. I will say it's nice to see a remake of Cloud and Sephiroth(s) after the legendary showdown from a game about 7 years ago. I heard the rumor that there isn't just one Sephiroth, but as always, a rumor.
o man! I can't wait until the movie comes out! I want to see it so bad! I can't believe how life-like they made the people look! And Cloud looks hot!
Because I was excited about FF8, 9, and 10, and have been let down repeatedly.

FF as a franchise has let me down.
yah seriously.. the series has been quite good.. I'll admit 9 was boring as hell but 8 and 10, as well as 11 are done very well. X-2 however, does not look to be a "best seller" anytime soon...
Originally posted by GookanGohan
Oh why were you let down, what about ff do you not like?

Its been corrupted by the whole 'So-and-so is soooooo hot!' mindset. For me, it seems its basically ripped itself apart from what made the series great in the 6th installment. Its basically been turned into a launch pad for pretty new cosplay outfits, and musicians who know little more about writing music than they do about astrophysicis.
I watched two trailers, and i'm curious...

this one, who is fighting Cloud is Sephiroth clone.

'bout ff games... the worse is VIII. Rinoa makes me mad -__-'

btw. GookanGohan, where did you saw Cloud and Sephiroth together o_O ?
as i wrote, this is Sephie clone XD I didn't remember very well, but this info was confirme by Square.

btw. as you know there are two trailers... and in this second one was something 'bout 3 Sephie-looking-clones o_O... more Sephi-minded... why >.< ?!
oh my.

I CANT WAIT!!!! and square has been a let down. since like 8 all the way to 10. 11 is GREAT of course but x-2....[mumbles something incoherent...] but the movie should be a pick me up! :)
Ah, come on, FFX wasn't that bad...it's just that the best characters in it were dead already, that's all. Okay...the development sucked, granted, and Tidus was the game-ruiner, but if you spend a lot of time with it it grows on you. The really "cool moments" in the game ARE pretty few and far between, I must admit...

And the last battle-fest is too metaphysical to be cool. But I still liked the overall idea....Auron is a very deep character, and Spira was interesting. The biggest damper was that Zanarkand wasn't around anymore, and therefore what would have been the best part of the game--touring pre-Sin Zanarkand in the main story--wasn't even there. They need to make an uber-techno FF.
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