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Any Nobuo Uematsu fans here?


5 Aug 2002
Like the title asks, are there any fans here? I listen to his music everyday. I've learned to play a lot of his songs on guitar and piano. This man is a musical genius and needs to be more recognized than just an "anime composer". He should be doing movies...
yes im a fan desu ^__^ i love his work, my favorite ones are FF9 & 10.. ack! actually i like all of em

Crag> ever played any final fantasy game? he composes all of em, well except some parts of FF9.. does that ring a bell?
ya hes a good composer..... i havent heard much of his work outside of the final fantasy stuff, but what i did get a chance to hear was really good stuff. i agree with his skill he should be doing work for movies
Has anyone hear 'acquired' his song to fame? One Winged Angel. He even did an Orchestra version. I saw the soundtrack at Sugoi con, but I only 'acquired' the Orchestrated MP3 on WinMX. It's beautiful, stunning, brilliant, divine all in one :)
he's a musical genious...I can't believe he left Square Enix, but atleast he's still in the business with his own company...among my favorites of his compositions are Aeris's Theme and the Theme for Zanarkand..I'll have to look for the other titles of the songs that I like..but of his there are many..I hope that one day I can hear the concert with the Phillarmonic Prchestra playing his wonderful songs..I wish I had gone to E3..does anyone know if he's planning o do anymore concerts in the U.S.?
I like some of his works. The stuff he did for Final Fantasy 6 was great, and FF7 was good also. I've got the entire FF6 sountrack, and the album the Black mages.
Black Mages aren't too good, though. I just LOVE his work with the FF-games, but I don't care too much about the Black Mages...
I haven't heard Black Mages... I don't mean to sound stupid, but who are they??...are they any good??
They're talented musicians and all.. only, sometimes their music is a little too metal and too.. hard. At least I think so..
I myself love the Black Mages. Not as good as the original songs, of course, but still awesome. I guess it depends on what kind of music you like. ^.^
Ya, I guess. I just love the originals, so I guess I don't like them remade... The FF original soundtracks are soooo good 😍
Nobou Uematsu is one of the best composers out there, except for Yuki Kajiura who is #1 ^^
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