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Any news on Klaha


19 Jul 2003
Has anyone heard anything about Klaha? The Marchen single was pretty good (Is that instrumental in the beginning really that short?) and I want to know if there's any news on anything after Marchen. If anyone has any news or heard any rumors, I'd really like to hear it.
I believe he's working on a new album. Can't remember where i heard or read that though.

I still haven't had the opportunity to hear any of his solo-work.
Well, Klaha does have an album out other than marchen, Its called Nostal Lab. not quite sure what the little guy is up to now though, his songs on Nostal are awsome though. Chemileon no Seppun rivals Gackt's Vanilla! :)
Yeah, I have both Nostal Lab and Mテ、rchen. I don't have any Malice Mizer w/Klaha, though. My question was any news post-
I heard he joined Schwarz Stein... although my memory fails me now and again, that's what someone told me recently...but I question that bit of information.
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