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Any manhwas to recommend?


Jul 7, 2015
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Not sure if this should be here or in the Entertainment section
Anyway, as I'm currently staying in Korea I have found out a little bit about Korean manga/anime called "manhwa". From what I've seen so far it's pretty good and I find it similar to the Japanese style.
I was wondering if any of you are also a little bit into manhwa and if you could recommend me any? I'm currently reading some new ones on a platform called Spottoon (be sure to check out Impulse and Preta!), but I'm not really familiar yet with the older manhwas.
Hope you guys can give me some good recommendations :)


May 11, 2015
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Apt, by Kang Full is quite good is you like ghost stories.

Now it's a bit out of subject but I have to say that I don't really like using the word "manhwa" or "manhua" as opposed to "manga" like it's that different. Actually I'm also against making a difference between "mangas" and "comics" (and in French we even make a difference between American comics, that we call "comics" and stuff basically from the French speaking world that we call "BD", man when will this end?). I mean I could understand the differentiation if at least it meant something else than making a difference based on the language/country of origin but it doesn't so I find it highly ridiculous.
I mean, this is called a manga. Ok. Now this is called a manhua. I'm having the hell of a hard time to make the difference but ok. Now this is also called a manhua and I feel like there's a whole bunch of differences with the other manhua. But no, the manhua is called a manhua because it's Chinese and the manga is called manga because it's Japanese. No matter the style.

I don't think there's so many different words (might I say these words are kind of racists?) in Japanese for denominating comics from other countries? In Chinese at least I know that the word "manhua" is just there to talk about virtually any kind of comics, completely disregarding their origin. And if for some reason you want to say it's western you say "western comic" : "xifang manhua".

I feel like this whole bunch of imported words don't have a reason to be. Am I the only one?
Reminds me of that friend of mine coming back from Japan and talking about a place where he had been that was full of "ryokan" and "onsen". I mean, just according to keikaku hmmm?
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