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Any kanji lists for the wordfield "operating instructions"?


16 Sep 2003
Are there any? I've noticed that if I have a look at Japanese operating instructions for, say, a toaster, I'm sometimes unable to grasp even the gist of them.

Then again, my Japanese's not that good yet, but still, this is pretty frustrating. Any suggestions, is there anything I can do?
Do you mean a list of words such as these that often appear in appliance instructions?

Operating Instructions Kikai no shiyou houhou 機械の使用方法
Automatic Jidou 自動
close Tojiru 閉じる
cold Tsumetai 冷たい
control Konotorouru コントロール
Cook Taku 炊く
Defrost Shimotori 霜取り
Down Shita 下
Drain Haisui 排水
Dry/tumble dry/spin dry Kansou, dassui 乾燥、脱水
Fan Fan ファン
High Takai
Ignite Tenka 点火
Keep warm Houn 保温
Low Hikui 低い
Medium Chuu 中
On Ireru 入れる
Off Kiru 切る
Open Hiraku 開く
Push Osu 押す
Push and turn Oshite mawasu 押して廻す
Pull Hiku 引く
Quick Hayai 速い
Rinse Susugi すすぎ
Stop Tomeru, teishi 止める、停止
Strong Tsuyoi 強い
Temperature Ondo 温度
Timer Taimaa タイマー
Up Ue 上
Water Mizu 水
Warm water Onsui 温水
Cold water Reisui 冷水
Wash Arai 洗い
Weak Yowaku 弱く
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