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Any J-rock fans in the UK (mainly London!)??


22 Nov 2002
It would be great to meet up with others who are into the same things as me because I'm starting to feel like the only person in the entire UK who knows that j-rock exists!

To those who haven't seen me post before, I'm really into Dir en Grey (my all time favourite band!) but am always up for hearing new bands if anyone wants to introduce any to me.

I'm also going to see Mad Capsule Markets at the end of March in London and would love company!
I ordered my Mad Capsule Markets tickets today! 👏

Hmm, actually, you might find more UK-based fans at the Batsu forum.
I didn't actually want to suggest that forum here, because i'm affraid people won't come back to this forum... 😭

But it's actually a very good forum. Mostly aimed at the visual side of JRock. 👏
Thanks! I'll check it out - but don't worry, I'd never stop posting here!

As for MCM, I doubt you're seeing them in London right? A little far for you to travel methinks!
See, I'm a little clueless woman from London.. Euro's and me just don't go together - I really don't understand them.. <laughs> It'll be around ツ」12 here I think.. Its in a nice smallish venue.. I love gigs at the Mean Fiddler.. easy to see everything, get to the front row centre (my gig spot of choice) and get crushed.. <laughs>

Can't wait to see them again. You seen them before?
No, i don't think they have been to Holland before.

Come to think of it, i haven't seen that many concerts by Japanese artists at all.
So far i've only seen: eX-Girl, Mummy the Peepshow and Cornelius.
Well, I've just seen Mad Capsule Markets. Very few Japanese bands seem to come to the UK, and if they do I've somehow managed to miss them!
Well, I actually live in Tokyo now.. have lived here for over a year now so obviously I won't be able to attend! (^_^) I'm pretty much going to lives here in Tokyo now 5 or 6 days out of every week and am LOVING IT! Hehe.

Shame it's BLOOD who are going to London... compared to the other bands out here, they're really not very good (they hardly have a front row of fans in a tiny venue here) and most of the overseas population seem to love them cause "oh wow they're japanese!". But either way, it's great to see bands finally making it out there.

Actually, one of my friend's bands is heading out to London in March to play a few lives.. one of which is at Barfly. I'll post more info when it's up on sites but, they're called XYXX so everyone should definintely go and check them out! They'd love the support~
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