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22 Nov 2002
Does any1 knows whether its possible to purchase the guitar outside of japan, the 1 hide use for his concert yellow in colour with red hearts???


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Well, maybe someone on this board that lives in Japan could order it and send it to you.

I'd love to have one too, but i can't play guitar and it's a bit too expensive just to hang it on the wall. :)
hmm...can trust dat person meh??
i also dunno anything abt guitar but im gonna go take up guitar lessons...i have post an email to dat webmaster hope they can send it to me...haizzzzz
Oh yeah! Now they are obviously the sex beasts of the guitar world. I would definately opt for one of them over the yellow heart.

Personally however, I want one of Dir en Grey's guitars.. but my playing is attrocious (shocking as I'm a music graduate, but my main instruments are saxophone and vocals so thats my excuse!) and I've already got a Fender Strat, Takamine electro acoustic and Fender Jazz Bass so I really don't think I should be buying more guitars just yet!

Now if anyone wants to buy one for me... <grins>

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