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Any hardcore Judo players left in the world?


12 Jan 2004
Just posting to see if there are any Judo players around in Japan Forum. It confuses the heck outta me, Judo is the second most popular sport in the world and yet find someone who plays judo off the internet is near impossible....*phew* anyway, post if you love judo. = )
im thinking of joining a class near my home but i dont know yet. what type of matial arts is judo any way?
Judo is all about throwing people. No striking at all. Sounds lame but you just have to research some judo pictures and throws. There is absolutely no feeling the same as throwing someone straight over your back during a tournament = ).

Go find that Judo club ASAP >= )
It doesnt reli matter how big or small you are. You could be the scrawniest person in the world (not likely since i hold that title) and still be a judo master. If you lack in strength, you just make up for it with skill. Oh, and if your afraid of having to play people twice your size...Judo teachers usually try to partner you up with people your own size, but hey if you end up with gargantuan monster just go for the legs = )
Well being a gargantuan monster helps. You can use it in real life, but dont expect to be able to use every throw you learn, ippon seionagi and osoto gari would be perfect practical throws but u cant grab somebodies clothes and expect them to be as hard as a judo gi, which is required by some throws.
I train in Kickboxing and Submission Wrestling.... Judo is a great sport, lots of good Judo players... people in Japan probly know Hidehiko Yoshida.... fights for Pride FC. (gold medalist at the olympics)
"what type of matial arts is judo any way?"

I'm not a practitioner myself but I do know a little about the sport's origins. Modern Judo was founded in 1882 by Jigoro Kano and was first introduced as an Olympic sport in 1964 I believe. It consists of various throwing techniques, specialized pins, control holds, arm locks, and unique choke holds (among other techniques). It continues to be a popular club activity in many Japanese schools today.
I definetly heard of Yoshida! that guy kicks supreeme ***. Oi submission wrestling......getting arm barred is one of my least favorite things heheh.... Im not sure but i think Yoshida might have visited my dojo for a clinic....not entirely sure cause it was a while before i started. But i can boast learning straight from Yamashita = ).
thats pretty good... though there are some other costs. Your Judo gi *you can buy one for about 40 bux* and if your in the united states a USJF (united states judo federation membership) for about 50 bux. 40 dollars is pretty low for a month of class though, so go for it.
I compete more then i even want to man.....Which means i compete a whole lot. In march i complete in the highschool nationals, next week i compete in the starrett cup. Are teacher sends us to every tournament available since the school pays for it.
that school also teaches ju jitsu and aikido, should i get into those too(i.e will the help with judo?)?
Yeh, im a brown belt to. Only Sankyu though, so my black belt isnt all that close. Another thing for Ghost, Ju Jitsu definetly helps your Judo, no one is more deadly on the mat then Ju-Jitsu experienced Judo players.
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