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Any Free Download Translators


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31 Oct 2003
Does anyone know of any free downloadable translators that do both English to Japanese and vice-versa and does all of the diffrent parts of the language, romanji, kanji, hiragana and katakana. And also explains about the word in a definition form or something of the sort. Doumo arigatou in advance! ;)
There is a free program called jBrowse that can be attached to your IE browser toolbar that looks up words on the dictionary from edict. So you can highlight Japanese words and it'll show you the definition.

Or if you want an online dictionary, you can try the one at:
WWWJDIC: Word Search
and go to "Search for Words in the Dictionary"
I don't have the requirments for jbrowse and I can't read any kana what so ever anyways. XP I want soemthing that can do romanji so I can at least learn to speak it maybe, before I write it. doumo arigatou anyway. :)
jBrowse is a very useful translator. The only cons is that it doesn't work with my opera browser ~sad. It's kinda a hasle to switch to ie browser just to surf Japanese webpages ie sucks (just my personal opinion) with all those pop-ups and stuff. Ah, I'm not saying jBrowse is not good or something. I love it. It's one of the best software around 👍 , that's if you have the requirements need to install it.. Those who meet the requirements and uses ie browser should really try out this software..

Anyway, here's one online translator that I found some time ago which is much better than the Alta vista one. (if u know what I mean.. @@||b ) :)

Rikai.com also have a translator of their own but it didn't work too well when I tried to translate a webpage the last time. Still can try it out to see which u prefer.. ^__~
Just thought of this very useful link whereby there is a long recommendation and reviews for japanese translating dictionary, software, and misc stuff related to the Japanese language.

Jim Breen's Japanese Page

Alternatively, click here to jump straight to the section on his recommendation and review of dictionary.. (^___~)
whee, thanks. I'm still looking for something that explains it a bit more. Maybe kind of a teaching thing. doumo arigatou for all the links you've given me though. :)
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