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Any experience with jpophelp.com?


13 Jul 2002

Has anyone here ever ordered/received any CDs from www.jpophelp.com? There's a couple of CDs they have I'm interested in getting, but I have no experience dealing with them. Can anyone here share their experience?

Just seeing if it's worth it to place an order... thanks for your help!

A lot of their cd's are bootlegs, but they are good about getting them through.
Are all of their CDs bootlegs? It seemed like they listed separate sections for their Japanese stuff and their bootleg stuff (Son May, Ho Son, etc.)... the CDs I was looking at have their Japanese catalog numbers, and they're charging over $30 per CD so I certainly am not paying that amount for a boot copy...

Thanks for the advice!
They mix their bootlegs in with their legal cds, but yeah, if you are paying 30 bucks for one cd, chances are its not illegal.

And no problem, I always aim to please.
I've ordered from there too. usually the service was fast ^__^ the only cds that are bootlegs are the really cheap ones.
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