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Any DDR freaks out there?

Im a ddr freak...Im saving up money to build my own hom DDR machine, complete with 30" LCD plsma move display, neon rimmed lights, Full steel arcade DDR pad, and ps2! I can't get past heavy, no matter what :auch:
lol i'm on heavy now...but i just cant seem to do Healing Vision Angelic Mix on heavy for some reason.....you can go to www.ddrfreak.com and get the arrow maps for any song on any difficuties.
Been there...I think some of those songs are impossible though
the fact that slow...sloooowww...slooooowwwwwwwwww songs are the ones i cant do, im used to that rush of booms !
I've played it, but I'm not really that good at it..eheh.. ^_^;
But hey... Have you heard of "Muthos"?
It's some cool gaming arcade that's supposed to be located somewhere in Tokyo..
I heard the DDR-geniouses hang there, so I'm really curious..
I'd like to go watch~ *>_<*
i've never heard of it, but mami (my japanese pen pal) says there's a popular game there called the taiko drum game or sumthin or ruther......lol...ruther....
Yeah, I've seen that. Seems kinda hard, tho~
It's a taiko-drum simulation game... yah..like the title says. ^_^
And you use a drum and sticks. Very real, and the songs are so japanese. I've seen a boy do the "Doraemon"-theme, too. *>_<*
I love ddr but im not great at it. I'm still on light and some i can do on standard. What i dont like is playing in public cuz then the guys stare you know.
They should have more of the ParaPara over here! 👏

I've attempted DDR a few times-nyo. My friends...now those are sum DDR worshipers. They play every chance they get. It's like a drug. I didn't even last 3 seconds on Max 300~~~>EVIL! I have yet to play the new one, but I've seen it surrounded by mass of freaks at the mall!
My only rant is when ppl hog the machines. :auch:
But to those of you who can do Heavy...you're not human.
I can't wait to see ppl try out that new Karaoke Revolution!:sing:
Dejiko's Party Night-nyo!
I would like to report that I can pass every song (except the stupid new paranoias) on heavy with an A and am indeed human.

A 6'8" human too. ^_^

Thank you for listening to me brag.
One of my favorite routines of all time is DJ 8-Ball's Cafe Edit from AI2k1 I believe. It's classic breakdancing. Look for it on kazaa or something. It's really cool.

But recently I don't like "routines" as much as just dancing to the music, which I'm starting to get into. Much more fun than trying to get the best score.

Also, a note on my height. When I play at Gable House bowling alley, my head is like 3 inches from the ceiling, so I have to be extremely careful when I play. :)
I am also a DDR freak, now learning to play Doubles Heavy. Singles Heavy can clear almost every song except those fierce songs like Legend Of Max.....Will try to clear them!!! Cheers to DDR!!!
I play DDR alot. I'm lucky to have a ps2 in my house and I have two mats. I guess I'm pretty good. I can't do all the heavy/maniac songs yet, but I'm working on it XD I try to play every day for a halfhour to a hour (ok maybe I'm a little obessed-_-) I learning to play double, yay fun! Some times when I go to the arcade and play it nerves me up because some people stare at you, then I mess up and my feet get mixed up -_- Long live DDR!! :D
playing in the arcade gets REALLY annoying when you have a cluster of about 100 people watching you, nad this is a first time playing. I have some experience now. I love the paranoia songs, even though they're a bit harder. I also noticed they sell soundtracks but they were expensive, so I just used all my fancy computer stuff, hooked my PS2 to my PC, and ripped the songs I liked. It's not illegal as long as I listen to them for my own personal use only too :)
No, there's one called BeatMania online somewhere. It's a fanmade PC version with a cool remix between De-sire and Revenge. But it is illegal to redistrube copyrighted stuff and such. Ah well, what is DWI anyhow?
ddr rocks!!

I love DDR!!:D I think it's the best dance game ever. I just got over light mode and getting ready for standard. I'm not very good at it, lol, but it's fun to play it with your friends and compete😄 even though I only have one mat and we all have to share it, hehe😌

My gosh, I love DDR! It has some really great songs to it! 😍
Here are my favorite DDR tracks:

"Mr. Wonderful" Smile DK
"Butterfly" Smile DK
"Boys" Smile DK
'Together and Forever" Captain Jack
"Upside Down" Coo Coo
"Boom Boom Dollar" King Kong & d. Jungle Girls
"Hot Limit" TM Revolution
"True" Riyu Kosaka
"Dam Dariram" Joga
"Dub I Dub" Me and My
"So Many Men" Me and My
"Do It All Night" E-Rotic
"Oh Nick Please Not So Quick" E-Rotic
"B4U" Naoki
"Supergirl" Papaya
"Hero" Papaya
"Kick The Can" Bus Stop
"Sana Morette Ne Ente" Togo Project w/ Sana
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