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Anti-tobacco,drug abuse & HIV/AIDS campaigns for Japanese Youth


15 Mar 2002
Dear friends.
I, M.Siraj uddin ,age 45 years, An Indian citizen, member of Indian red-cross society,Hyderabad branch, registered volunteer in IYV 2001 of united nations volunteers program, subscriber and member of various international anti-tobacco and HIV/AIDS awareness propagating organizations.

I have been propagating anti-tobacco, drug abuse and HIV/AIDS awareness among school students and youth by displaying posters of cancer effected persons, distributing pamphlets, hand bills and through oral talks on voluntary basis since last 3 years. While propagating the above causes by touring on my bullet motor cycle in Hyderabad, Humnabad, Gulberga, Allend and sholapur cities, I have collected 5000 pledges( in printed forms) signed by the students , accepting that they will not use tobacco, alcohol or abuse drugs at any stage of their future life, and at least 2000 addicts would have been given-up their tobacco using habits due to my propagation. I have been studying since last few months,the Japanese youth's situation regarding usage of tobacco and drugs, through inter-net & printed media, I came to a conclusion that due to the busy daily schedules, Japanese had no time to run such campaigns, and in view of shortage of volunteers there, I am proposing to visit Japan and conduct Anti-tobacco,drug abuse and AIDS awareness campaigns.

Through this mail I request the social concious companies, individuals and heads of the concerned depart- to arrange the required formalities for my visit to Japan,so as to help me to help the Japanese youth to stay away and get rid off Tobacco, drugs and HIV/AIDS.

Anticipating an early and positive reply.

Thanking in advance.....yours......sincerely..M.Srajuddin..
E-Mail; [email protected]
dear siraj, I beleive your cause is one of importance and of great statue, I do hope you can help all youth with your insight of these debilatateing substances, how ever I can imagion just how difficult your task and effort must prove, I do wish you all the best in your quest, and realy hope that you win this battle
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