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Anti-Japanese crap


Unswerving cyclist
14 Mar 2002
Lately I receive a lot of crap such as the email below:

Right-wing Japanese nationalists and politicians are supporting and backing the efforts to slaughter the world's whales and to defy the international conventions on whaling.

These same nationalists were behind the rise of Japan as a member of the World War II axis. By slaughtering the world's whales and defying international conventions, Japan is no different than the terrorists who slaughter innocents around the world and should be dealt with in the same manner.

Japan's record in World War II:

Killed over 35 million

Massacred over 300,000 civilians in 6-8 weeks in Nanjing

Forced hundred of thousands to become slave laborers/sex slaves

Committed biochemical warfare in labs and battlefields over 2,700 times, causing countless deaths, and intentionally flouted the Treaty of Geneva

Dissected over 3,000 live humans without anesthesia for biochemical experiments

Never punished most of its war criminals; they became key government, business, and academic leaders

The Japanese government is making its reputation even worse with its support of mass herding and slaughter of Dolphins and Pilot Whales in local Japanese bays.

It is pity and a horror that Japan is buying the votes of small countries to enact the murderous rape and pillage of our planet. These evil actions spewing forth from the Japanese government reveals them to be enemies of the entire earth and of mankind. The hidden intention of countries like Japan and Norway is simply speaking the destruction of our homes, our children and our future.

Most of these mails can be traced back to Hongkong or other Chinese locations. I doubt that this is just about environmental protection...
hmmm, interesting that they're using a completely different topic to push on about whales or like you said, Thomas, they have a different agenda and use the whales to bring up WWII thoughts again.
now in my opinion thats just "nasty" I agree with you both!, however coming from another country and not so up to date with world wide issues this article seems quite to the point and racists, if I was not on this forum ect, I would hate to admit that this would be quite convinceing and change my out look on a country that I have admired for years, thankfully that is not the cast!!! :) 👏
Now apart from some numerical distortions (I doubt that 35 of officially 50 million WWII casualties can be accounted to Japan), most of the claims are true. Still, how's Nanjing related to the whale hunting??
That's the scary part most of the things mentioned are true with a bit of distortion. 35 probably included causualties from all sides thereby giving Japan the blame for all deaths.

whales? Oh right, they're worried about the whales.
Mmm... I think whale killing isn't right, but I think whoever wrote that is just generalizing, and as far as I know, Japanese are human beings too, so if we take this generalization one step further, instead of
The hidden intention of countries like Japan and Norway is simply speaking the destruction of our homes, our children and our future.
we can just say
The hidden intention of humankind is simply speaking the destruction of our homes, our children and our future.
This is sad... just because some people (be it 10 or 5000) in a country aren't exactly good, that doesn't make the whole country evil, don't ya think? In my opinion, that mail was just an excuse to send out some anti-japanese propaganda, and they used the whales as an excuse :auch:
I agree with you.

If we really resort to "quid pro quo" in environmental regard, then what about the Three Gorges Dam the Chinese are currently building? Displacing nearly 2 million people, flooding some of the world's most beautiful landscapes, affecting world climate in the long run?

=> International Rivers Network
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