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Anti-Japan independence anniversary


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14 Mar 2002
Your enemy's enemy must be your friend... oh well.

Civilian leaders of two Koreas to jointly celebrate anti-Japan independence anniversary

Civic leaders of the two Koreas plan for the first time to hold a joint festival in Seoul next month to mark the anniversary of an independence uprising against Japanese colonial rule in 1919, organizers said Monday. About 100 North Korean civic and religious leaders will travel to Seoul for the festival on March 1-3, said a statement from a pro-unification South Korean group, called the Joint National Event Promotion Headquarters.

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I am a Chinese. I woke up one morning five months ago and suddenly realized I was a Japan fetish.

When I opened my eyes, I saw my 60-something-years old parents in their Hello Kitty pajamas. My mom in pink and my dad in blue. When I turned on my computer, the beautiful face of Rena Tanaka downloaded by my sister as the setting, smiled at me sweetly from the screen. At the back, my sisiter who had a whitening SKII beauty mask on her face, was watching the long-winded "First Love" tv series on dvds (Kyoko Fukada is hot though, if you don't look at her legs) on our Sony plasma tv.

While I was driving my Toyota to work, my JVC CD player was blasting with the singing of Nipponese diva Utada Hikaru who's screaming at the top of her lung, trying to imitate Mariah Carey. I didn't even understand what she was singing except a few lines in English.

During lunch time, while I was drinking my coffee from the mug my mom bought from Utsuwano-yakata (spelling?), my friends kept calling me on my Panasonic cell phone to ask me to go sing Karaoke after work. When I got to the Karaoke lounge, my friends immediately ordered a sushi + sashimi combo and a bottle of saki. I looked around and saw a bunch of Chinese girls with fake blond hair and dressed in pink. 95% of the songs they sang were written by Japanese song writers who also collect royalties on the Chinese versions.

China might win back the ugly island one day but Japan has already succeeded in capturing the hearts of Chinese young people in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macao and overseas.
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Brilliant!!! There are no doubt that The Japan influences have planted sucessfully in almost youth Chinese, I agree myself also. Really, nowaday, some youth, only know Fukada, Hamasaki, Inuyasha, Sony... etc, but they don't know what is Rape of Nanjing actually, Japan is a really influencial country in Far East region... but althought how ugly the island is, we also have to take back, because this is our land.
ナ津遺?督「テ?テ補?板ァツ静ゥナ陳セ窶「ツカ Declaration of Independence

March 1, 1919 was the day that the Declaration of Independence was announced. Obviously this is a misnomer, as it was independent before 1910. The day is called ナスOヒ?ェツ静? this too is a misnomer. Humans, as symbolic beings, create worlds through verbal action. Therefore the day that Korea's independence was "re"announced should be rightfully called Indpendence Day. It is interesting that ESL teachers in Korea from the US are more perceptive of this fact; perhaps due to their familarity with Independence Day being the date the US Declaration of Independence was signed by the 13 delegates representing all citizens of the United States of America, not by the date the War was won. 33 Korean delegates representing all Koreans signed and announced the Declaration; they were incarcerated by Imperial Japan shortly after.


1. ナ津。窶懌┐(오등)은 玆(자)에 窶ーテ、(아) 窶卍ゥ窶朗(조선)의 テ?テ補?板ァナ。ツ?(독립국)임과 窶卍ゥ窶朗ツ人(조선인)의 ナスツゥナステ・窶督ッ(자주민)임을 ツ静ゥナ陳セ(선언)하노라. ツ最ク(차)로써 ツ青「ナ?Eテ、テ昶?溺(세계 만방)에 ツ債?고)하야 ツ人窶氾樞?「ツス窶懌┐(인류 평등)의 窶佚・窶ケ`(대의)를 ツ最ス窶督セ(극명)하며, ツ最ク(차)로써 ナスq窶伉キテ、テ昶?佚」(자손만대)에 テヲt(고)하야 窶督ッ窶伉ーナスツゥ窶伉カ(민족 자존)의 ツ青ュナセテ?정권)을 窶ーi窶猫(영유)케 하노라.

2. 窶敖シテ、テ昶?扼(반만년) 歷ナスj(역사)의 ナセテ慷??권위)를 ヒ慊ス(장)하야 ツ最ク(차)를 ツ静ゥナ陳セ(선언)함이며, 窶愿アツ静ァテ、テ?이천만) 窶督ッツ衆(민중)의 ツ青ス窶吮?ー(성충)을 ツ坂?。(합)하야 ツ最ク(차)를 佈窶督セ(포명)함이며, 窶督ッ窶伉ー(민족)의 ツ恒窶ケv窶戞ヒ?ェ(항구여일)한 ナスツゥ窶燃テ。ツ「窶弩(자유발전)을 テ?ツィ(위)하야 ツ最ク(차)를 ナステ・窶卍」(주장)함이며, ツ人窶氾樞?廬(인류적) 窶氾?心(양심)의 テ。ツ「ヒ廬(발로)에 ナ?テョヒ?カ(기인)한 ツ青「ナ?E窶ーテシ窶伉「(세계개조)의 窶佚・窶ケ@窶ー^(대기운)에 ツ鞘?。ナ禿、幷ツ進(순응병진)하기 テ?ツィ(위)하야 ツ最ク(차)를 窶凖ア窶ケN(제기)함이니, ツ青・(시)ㅣ 窶弖(천)의 窶督セ窶督ス(명명)이며, ナスナセ窶佚」(시대)의 窶佚・ツ青ィ(대세)ㅣ며, 窶牢ツ人窶氾?전 인류) 窶ケツ、窶伉カ 窶慊ッツ青カナセテ?공존 동생권)의 ツ青ウテ。c(정당)한 テ。ツ「窶慊ョ(발동)이라, 窶弖窶ーツコ窶ーツス窶「ツィ(천하 하물)이던지 ツ最ク(차)를 ナクナ毒ス~窶媒ツ青ァ(저지 억제)치 못할지니라.

3. テ、pナスナセ窶佚」(구시대)의 ヒ?「窶「ツィ(유물)인 ツ侵窶板ェナステ・窶ケ`(침략주의), 强ナセテ愬ステ・窶ケ`(강권주의)의 テ?ツクツ青オ(희생)을 ツ催ャ(작)하야 窶猫ナスjヒ?依愿?유사이래) 累ツ静ァ窶扼(누천 년)에 처음으로 ヒ?吮?督ッ窶伉ー(이민족) テ「ツュツ青ァ(겸제)의 窶凖俄?ケテェ(통고)를 ツ渉ヲ(상)한 지 ツ債。(금)에 ツ十窶扼(십 년)을 窶ーテ?과)한지라. 窶ーテ、(아) ツ青カ窶伉カナセテ?생존권)의 剝窶腕(박상)됨이 무릇 ナ?テエ窶ーツス(기하)ㅣ며, ツ心ティテ仰湘」(심령상) テ。ツ「窶弩(발전)의 ツ湘。애(장애)됨이 무릇 ナ?テエ窶ーツス(기하)ㅣ며, 窶督ッ窶伉ー窶廬(민족적) 窶伉クナセテ?존영)의 毁窶伉ケ(훼손)됨이 무릇 ナ?テエ窶ーツス(기하)ㅣ며, ツ新銳(신예)와 テ?テ補?蕨(독창)으로써 ツ青「ナ?E窶「ツカ窶ーツサ(세계문화)의 窶佚・窶卍ェ窶板ャ(대조류)에 ナ?テアテ、o窶「テ「テ・テゥ(기여보비)할 ナ?テッ緣(기연)을 ヒ?「ナスツク(유실)함이 무릇 ナ?テエ窶ーツス(기하)ㅣ뇨.

4. ナ。竄ャ(희)라, テ、pヒ愿?구래)의 窶媒ナクT(억울)을 ツ静ゥ窶卍ィ(선창)하려 하면, ナスナセ窶ーツコ(시하)의 窶ケテェ窶凖?고통)을 파탈하려하면 장래의 협위를 삼제하려 하면, 窶督ッ窶伉ー窶廬(민족적) 窶氾?心(양심)과 ナ。ツ?窶ーテ??廬(국가적) 廉窶ケ`(염의)의 ナ。テ伉縮テァテキナクk(압축소잔)을 窶ケツサ窶「ツアツ伸窶卍」(흥분신장)하려 하면, ナ?eナ津?각개) ツ人ナ?i(인격)의 ツ青ウテ。c(정당)한 テ。ツ「窶傳(발달)을 ツ絶?ケ(수)하려 하면, 窶ーテや?氾キ(가련)한 ナスq窶凖ュ(자제)에게 窶ケテェ窶冪窶廬(고치적) ツ催?ナスY(재산)을 ヒ?「テ、o(유여)치 안이하려 하면, ナスqナスq窶伉キ窶伉キ(자자손손)의 窶ーi窶ケvナ?ツョ窶牢(영구완전)한 ナ団窶「ナク(경복)을 窶慊アナ筑(도영)하려 하면, ツ催??佚・窶ケ}窶督ア(최대급무)가 窶督ッ窶伉ー窶廬(민족적) テ?テ補?板ァ(독립)을 ナ?m窶コ窶ー(확실)케 함이니, 窶愿アツ静ァテ、テ?이천만) ナ?eナ津?각개)가 ツ人(인)마다 窶「テサツ青。(방촌)의 ツ刃(인)을 ナ禿・(회)하고, ツ人窶氾樞?凖環青ォ(인류통성)과 ナスナセ窶佚」窶氾?心(시대양심)이 ツ青ウ窶ケ`(정의)의 ナ坦(군)과 ツ人窶慊ケ(인도)의 ナ?ツアナ禿キ(간과)로써 ナ津ャ窶ー窶。(호원)하는 ツ債。窶愿コ(금일), ナ津。ツ人(오인)은 ツ進(진)하야 ナステヲ(취)하매 窶ーツス强(하강)을 ツ催?좌)치 못하랴. 窶佚?퇴)하야 ツ催ャ(작)하매 窶ーツスナスu(하지)를 窶弩(전)치 못하랴.

5. 窶「ツクナスqツ修ツ好ナセナ?窶ケK(병자 수호 조규) ヒ?依愿?이래) ナスナセナスナセナステュナステュ(시시종종)의 金ツ静寂?督ソ窶禿ア(금석맹약)을 ツ食(식)하얏다 하야 窶愿コ窶怒(일본)의 窶督ウツ信(무신)을 ツ催?죄)하려 안이 하노라. 窶コ{ナステ?학자)는 ツ講窶囘(강단)에서, ツ青ュナスツ。窶ーテ?정치가)는 窶コ窶ーツ催?실제)에서, 窶ーテ、(아) 窶歪ツ宗ツ青「窶ケテ?조종세업)을 ツ植窶督ッ窶冢ナス窶ケ(식민지시)하고, 窶ーテ、(아) 窶「ツカ窶ーツサ窶督ッ窶伉ー(문화민족)을 窶忱窶凪??ツ人窶ケテカ(토매인우)하야, 한갓 ツ青ェ窶「ナセナステ?정복자)의 窶ーテオ(쾌)를 テヲテ?탐)할 뿐이오, 窶ーテ、(아)의 窶ケv窶ー窶?구원)한 ナステ斥愿ーナ?テョ窶話(사회기초)와 窶佚ャ락(탁락)한 窶督ッ窶伉ーツ心窶板?민족심리)를 窶督ウナス窶ケ(무시)한다 하야 窶愿コ窶怒(일본)의 ツ渉ュ窶ケ`(소의)함을 ツ静?책)하려 안이 하노라. ナスツゥナ津?자기)를 ツ催エ邃「ツュ(책려)하기에 窶ケ}(급)한 ナ津。ツ人(오인)은 窶伉シ(타)의 窶ー窶ヲ窶禿?원우)를 窶ーテ?가)치 못하노라. ナ陳サツ催?현재)를 テ」aテ」x(주무)하기에 窶ケ}(급)한 ナ津。ツ人(오인)은 ツ宿ツ静?숙석)의 窶卍ヲテァ窶。(징변)을 窶ーテ?가)치 못하노라.

6. ツ債。窶愿コ(금일) ナ津。ツ人(오인)의 ツ焦?窶戮(소임)은 다만 ナスツゥナ津?자기)의 ナ椎。ツ静?건설)이 窶猫(유)할 뿐이오, ナ塚?결)코 窶伉シ(타)의 窶挧ナ。テ?파괴)에 ツ催?재)치 안이하도다. ナ。ナステ」テァ(엄숙)한 窶氾?心(양심)의 窶督ス窶氾?명령)으로써 ナスツゥ窶ーテ?자가)의 ツ新窶ー^窶督ス(신운명)을 ナ?J窶佚ア(개척)함이오, ナ塚?결)코 テ、p窶ー窶ヲ(구원)과 ヒ?ェナスナセ窶廬(일시적) ナ?'ツ湘ョ(감정)으로써 窶伉シ(타)를 ナスツケ窶吮ぎ窶搜ツ静?질축배척)함이 안이로다. テ、pナスv窶?(구사상), テ、pツ青ィ窶氾?구세력)에 기미(기미)된 窶愿コ窶怒(일본) テ?ツィツ青ュ窶ーテ?위정가)의 ナ津キ窶督シ窶廬(공명적) テ?ツクツ青オ(희생)이 된 窶「sナスツゥ窶漏(부자연), 窶凪??우) 不ツ坂?。窶板?불합리)한 ツ催カナ津ォ狀窶佚?착오상태)를 窶ーテシ窶榔窶ケツァツ青ウ(개선광정)하야, ナスツゥ窶漏(자연),窶凪??우) ツ坂?。窶板?합리)한 ツ青ュテ」S窶佚・ナ陳エ(정경대원)으로 ナクdナ?テ?귀환)케 함이로다.

7. テ。cツ鞘?ー(당초)에 窶督ッ窶伉ー窶廬(민족적) 窶牌窶ケツ?요구)로서 ツ出(출)치 안이한 邃「_ナ。ツ?倂ツ坂?。(양국병합)의 ナ停?ケ窶ーテ?결과)가,窶「Lティテュ(필경) ナ津??伉ァ窶廬(고식적) ヒ?税。テ?위압)과 ツ債キ窶「テ岩?廬(차별적) 不窶「ツス(불평)과 窶慊敘致ツ敕嫁スナ。ツ湘」(통계숫자상) 虛ツ湘シ(허식)의 窶ーツコ(하)에서 窶藩愬?Q窶佛?窶敖ス(이해상반)한 兩(양) 窶督ッ窶伉ーナ?テ?민족간)에 窶ーi窶ー窶?영원)히 ヒ彗窶慊ッ(화동)할 수 없는 窶ー窶ヲツ溝(원구)를 窶ケナス窶ーvツ深窶伉「(거익심조)하는 ツ債。ヒ愿停?コ窶ーツ静?금래실적)을 テヲV(관)하라. 窶忍窶督セ窶ーテ看?ツク(용명과감)으로써 テ、pナ津ォ(구오)를 廓ツ青ウ(확정)하고,テ。テ?青ウ(진정)한 窶板昶?ーテー(이해)와 窶慊ッツ湘ョ(동정)에 ナ?テョ窶怒(기본)한 窶認ツ好窶廬(우호적) ツ新窶ケテ??禿?신국면)을 窶佚??J(타개)함이 窶敕楪最クナ?テ?피차간) 窶ー窶懌?ーテ青渉「窶「ナク(원화소복)하는 ツ渉キナ斗(첩경)임을 窶督セ窶冦(명지)할 것 안인가.

8. 또 窶愿アツ静ァテ、テ?이천만) ナ?テ懌?「ツョ窶凭窶ー窶ヲ(함분축원)의 窶督ッ(민)을 ヒ?絶?氾?위력)으로써 ツ拘窶伉ゥ(구속)함은 다만 窶愬停?芭(동양)의 窶ーi窶ケv(영구)한 窶「ツスヒ彗(평화)를 窶「テ崢湘。(보장)하는 ツ焦?ヒ??소이)가 안일 뿐 안이라, ツ最ク(차)로 ヒ?カ(인)하야 窶愬停?芭ヒ??ナ?テォ(동양안위)의 ナステ・ナスツイ(주축)인 ナスl窶ーツュテ、テ?사억만) ナスx窶愿淞人(지나인)의 窶愿コ窶怒(일본)에 窶コ窶?대)한 ナ?テォナ禿エ(위구)와 テ?テ遺?ケ^(시의)를 갈스록 窶抻ナ津コ(농후)케 하야, 그 ナ停?ケ窶ーテ?결과)로 窶愬停?芭(동양) 窶牢窶ケテ?전국)이 窶ケツ、窶忿窶慊ッ窶鉄(공도동망)의 窶敕溪?ー^(비운)을 ツ渉オ窶况(초치)할 것이 窶督セ(명)하니, ツ債。窶愿コ(금일) ナ津。ツ人(오인)의 窶卍ゥ窶朗テ?テ補?板ァ(조선독립)은 窶卍ゥ窶朗ツ人(조선인)으로 하여금 ナステ陵廩(사로)로서 ツ出(출)하야 窶愬停?芭(동양) ナスxナスツ敘ステ?지지자)인 ツ重ツ静?중책)을 窶牢(전)케 하는 것이며, ナスx窶愿?지나)로 하여금 窶督イ窶コ窶。(몽매)에도 窶禿?면)하지 못하는 不ヒ??(불안),窶ケツー窶「|(공포)로서 脫ツ出(탈출)케 하는 것이며, 또 窶愬停?芭窶「ツスヒ彗(동양평화)로 ツ重窶牌(중요)한 ヒ?ェ窶「窶?일부)를 삼는 ツ青「ナ?E窶「ツスヒ彗(세계평화), ツ人窶氾楪幸窶「ナク(인류행복)에 窶「K窶牌(필요)한 ナ?K窶冓(계단)이 되게 하는 것이라. 이 엇지 邃「ツス邃「ツス(구구)한 ナ?'ツ湘ョツ湘」(감정상) 窶禿「窶佚ィ(문제)ㅣ리오.

9. 아아, ツ新窶弖窶冢(신천지)가 ナ?テ。窶楼(안전)에 窶弩ナ?J(전개)되도다. ヒ?絶?氾?위력)의 ナスナセ窶佚」(시대)가 窶ケナス(거)하고 窶慊ケ窶ケ`(도의)의 ナスナセ窶佚」(시대)가 ヒ愿?내) 하도다. 窶ーテ溪?ケナス(과거) 窶牢ツ青「窶ケI(전세기)에 鍊窶督≫?卍キ窶倍(연마장양)된 ツ人窶慊ケ窶廬(인도적) ツ青クツ神(정신)이 바야흐로 ツ新窶「ツカ窶督セ(신문명)의 ツ焦椎津オ(서광)을 ツ人窶氾?인류)의 歷ナスj(역사)에 窶愬?ナステ?투사)하기 ナスn(시)하도다. ツ新ツ春(신춘)이 ツ青「ナ?E(세계)에 來(내)하야 テ、テ昶?「ツィ(만물)의 窶ーテア窶鷲(회소)를 ツ催??伉」(최촉)하는도다. 窶懌ぎ窶「Xナ?ツヲツ静。(동빙한설)에 ナ津??ケz(호흡)을 窶「テづ・ツュ(폐칩)한 것이 窶敕寨?ェナスナセ(피일시)의 ツ青ィ(세)ㅣ라 하면 ヒ彗窶「窶披?冏窶配(화풍난양)에 ナク窶?窶督ャ(기맥)을 ツ振ヒ慊ョ(진서)함은 ツ最クヒ?ェナスナセ(차일시)의 ツ青ィ(세)ㅣ니, 窶弖窶冢(천지)의 窶「ナ凪?ー^(복운)에 ツ催?제)하고 ツ青「ナ?E(세계)의 ツ敕娯?卍ェ(변조)를 ヒ慊ゥ(승)한 ナ津。ツ人(오인) 아모 주テァO(주저)할 것 업스며, 아모 ナ?テオナ禿?기탄)할 것 업도다. 窶ーテ、(아)의 ナ津??猫(고유)한 ナスツゥ窶燃ナセテ?자유권)을 ナ津ャ窶牢(호전)하야 ツ青カ窶ーツ?(생왕)의 樂(낙)을 窶徹窶ケツ?포향)할 것이며, 窶ーテ、(아)의 ナスツゥ窶伉ォ(자족)한 テ?テ補?蕨窶氾?독창력)을 テ。ツ「ナ?テカ(발휘)하야 ツ春ナクテ?춘만)한 窶佚・ナ?E(대계)에 窶督ッ窶伉ー窶廬(민족적) ツ青ク窶ーテ?정화)를 ナ停?ケ窶「R(결뉴)할지로다.

10.ナ津。窶懌┐(오등)이 ナスツ?(자)에 窶僖窶ケN(분기)하도다. 窶氾?心(양심)이 窶ーテ、(아)와 窶慊ッ窶伉カ(동존)하며 テ。テ≫?板?진리)가 窶ーテ、(아)와 幷ツ進(병진)하는도다. 窶冕ツ鞘?藩弖ツ渉ュ(남녀노소) 업시 窶ーAナクT(음울)한 ナ津?#24034;(고소)로서 ナ?ヒ?#28497;(활발)히 窶ケNヒ愿?기래)하야 テ、テ敘澱군ツ湘?만휘군상)으로 더부러 窶ケテ凪?ーテオ(흔쾌)한 窶「ナ毒?ヒ?복활)을 ツ青ャツ絶?ケ(성수)하게 되도다. ツ静ァ窶「Sツ青「(천 백세) 窶歪ティテ?조령)이 ナ津。窶懌┐(오등)을 窶ーA窶任(음우)하며 窶牢ツ青「ナ?E(전세계) ナク窶?窶ー^(기운)이 ナ津。窶懌┐(오등)을 ナ?Oナ津ャ(외호)하나니, 窶吮?ヲナスティ(착수)가 곳 ツ青ャナ津キ(성공)이라. 다만, 窶楼窶慊ェ(전두)의 ナ津オ窶督セ(광명)으로 テゥ}ツ進(맥진)할 따름인뎌.

ナ津カ窶禿アナスOツ湘?공약 삼 장)

-. ツ債。窶愿コ(금일) ナ津。ツ人(오인)의 ツ最クツ敖ァ(차거)는 ツ青ウ窶ケ`(정의), ツ人窶慊ケ(인도),ツ青カ窶伉カ(생존),窶伉クナセテ?존영)을 テ?ツィ(위)하는 窶督ッ窶伉ー窶廬(민족적) 窶牌窶ケツ?요구)ㅣ니, 오즉 ナスツゥ窶燃窶廬(자유적) ツ青クツ神(정신)을 テ。ツ「ナ?テカ(발휘)할 것이오, ナ塚?결)코 窶搜窶伉シ窶廬(배타적) ナ?'ツ湘ョ(감정)으로 ヒ?ュ窶倪??일주)하지 말라.
-. ツ催?津」(최후)의 ヒ?ェツ人(일인)까지, ツ催?津」(최후)의 ヒ?ェツ債?일각)까지 窶督ッ窶伉ー(민족)의 ツ青ウテ。c(정당)한 ヒ?毒スv(의사)를 窶ーテオ(쾌)히 テ。ツ「窶「\(발표)하라.
-. ヒ?ェ切(일체)의 ツ行窶慊ョ(행동)은 가장 窶卍?祥?질서)를 窶伉クツ重(존중)하야, ナ津。ツ人(오인)의 ナステ・窶卍」(주장)과 窶佚披?忸(태도)로 하여금 어대까지던지 ナ津オ窶督セツ青ウ窶佚・(광명정대)하게 하라.
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emperor said:
Brilliant!!! There are no doubt that The Japan influences have planted sucessfully in almost youth Chinese, I agree myself also. Really, nowaday, some youth, only know Fukada, Hamasaki, Inuyasha, Sony... etc, but they don't know what is Rape of Nanjing actually, Japan is a really influencial country in Far East region... but althought how ugly the island is, we also have to take back, because this is our land.
I am confused? Just what is exactly your land? Japan or Korea?
I am not sure; and I wondered myself what the island that was China's and that needs to be reclaimed might have been. It coulnd't be the Japanese Islands of Honshu, Shikoku, Hokkaido, and Kyushu.

So I thought Emepror might have been referring to either Taiwan or Senkaku/Diaoyu dao, or perhaps the Ryukyu Islands ?
It could be possibly Taiwan. There's been some publicity over China's view point of Taiwan independance with the US:
Top Chinese general warns US over attack
By Alexandra Harney in Beijing and Demetri Sevastopulo and Edward Alden in Washington
Published: July 14 2005 21:59 | Last updated: July 15 2005 00:03

China is prepared to use nuclear weapons against the US if it is attacked by Washington during a confrontation over Taiwan, a Chinese general said on Thursday.

ツ"If the Americans draw their missiles and position-guided ammunition on to the target zone on China's territory, I think we will have to respond with nuclear weapons,ツ" said General Zhu Chenghu.

Gen Zhu was speaking at a function for foreign journalists organised, in part, by the Chinese government. He added that China's definition of its territory included warships and aircraft.

ツ"If the Americans are determined to interfere [then] we will be determined to respond,ツ" said Gen Zhu, who is also a professor at China's National Defence University.

ツ"We . . . will prepare ourselves for the destruction of all of the cities east of Xian. Of course the Americans will have to be prepared that hundreds . . . of cities will be destroyed by the Chinese.ツ"

Gen Zhu is a self-acknowledged ツ"hawkツ" who has warned that China could strike the US with long-range missiles. But his threat to use nuclear weapons in a conflict over Taiwan is the most specific by a senior Chinese official in nearly a decade.

However, some US-based China experts cautioned that Gen Zhu probably did not represent the mainstream People's Liberation Army view.

ツ"He is running way beyond his brief on what China might do in relation to the US if push comes to shove,ツ" said one expert with knowledge of Gen Zhu. ツ"Nobody who is cleared for information on Chinese war scenarios is going to talk like this,ツ" he added.

Gen Zhu's comments come as the Pentagon prepares to brief Congress next Monday on its annual report on the Chinese military, which is expected to take a harder line than previous years. They are also likely to fuel the mounting anti-China sentiment on Capitol Hill.

In recent months, a string of US officials, including Donald Rumsfeld, defence secretary, have raised concerns about China's military rise. The Pentagon on Thursday declined to comment on ツ"hypothetical scenariosツ".

Rick Fisher, a former senior US congressional official and an authority on the Chinese military, said the specific nature of the threat ツ"is a new addition to China's public discourseツ". China's official doctrine has called for no first use of nuclear weapons since its first atomic test in 1964. But Gen Zhu is not the first Chinese official to refer to the possibility of using such weapons first in a conflict over Taiwan.

Chas Freeman, a former US assistant secretary of defence, said in 1996 that a PLA official had told him China could respond in kind to a nuclear strike by the US in the event of a conflict with Taiwan. The official is believed to have been Xiong Guangkai, now the PLA's deputy chief of general staff.

Gen Zhu said his views did not represent official Chinese policy and he did not anticipate war with the US.

I thought Taiwan had already successfully gained its independance quite some time ago. Why would the Chinese want it back now?
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