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15 Mar 2002
Trip Hop / Dub Pop duo Antennasia will be doing some gigs in Belgium next week. I've heard some samples and they're well worth checking out. Here's their tour schedule:

For the tour, the final dates and venues are finalized:

club 4AD, Diksmuide, Belgium
support: Sutrastore
URL: www.4AD.be www.sutrastore.be

22/07/2003 (to be confirmed)
interview in Radar, Studio Brussel
URL: www.stubru.be

Place St-Gery / Sint-Goriksplein, Brussels, Belgium
showcase 20:00

Gentse Feesten, Bij St-Jacobs, Gent, Belgium
other bands playing: Galatasaray, Vive La Fテェte
URL: www.trefpuntvzw.be

Meanwhile, have a peek at www.antennasia.com

to be continued ...
www.antennasia.com: new musical find

Antennasia hit the Tokyo music scene in 1999 with their first CD, Like a flightless bird looking at the sky, combining the Bristol dub programming style of Nerve with the languid vocals of San, a Tokyo-based jazz singer. Their sophisticated trippy and soulful style contrasts with much of the music being produced in Tokyo today. With the release of their second CD, Percentage, awareness of their unique style grew in popularity and they started to perform in Tokyo窶冱 live houses. Antennasia's third CD, Phased, will be the first to be released outside of Japan. Touring for the first time in Belgium, they immediately were picked up by Radio 21 and Studio Brussels. As a result San was asked to participate in the making of Stubru窶冱 summer station calls. In the tradition of Massive Attack, Lamb and Bjork, antennasia brings you the best ever since Pizzicato V from the country of the rising sun.

peek at www.antennasia.com

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