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Another Thread with MEXT Research Scholarship Questions

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8 Oct 2017
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Hello, I initially posted these questions in the MEXT Scholarship (Research/Graduate students) 2018 thread, but it looks like most people that use the thread still haven't gone to Japan on their scholarships and can't help with some of the questions, so I hope it's OK that I'm posting them again (slightly edited) in their own thread, this way hopefully more people will see it, and it can be easier to find for people with similar questions as well.

Thank you SayuKami21 for the helpful reply in the previous thread.


I'm thinking of applying for a research student scholarship next April. I want to use my master's thesis (probably modified slightly) for the research plan. Problem is I read that the research topic is supposed to be somewhat novel, while my topic focuses on the cultural differences between Japan and the West that both make it a difficult market for international companies to enter, but also a lucrative one as well (for reasons I won't go in detail here) and what competitive strategies work on the Japanese market. Will this be considered uninteresting/already done/bad topic choice to the MEXT people, as far as you can tell?

Second, I feel I'm quite done with school work and writing papers after two degrees. My question is to people that are already/have been research students - what exactly is required of you once you are there? I've been told by a friend already on the MEXT Bachelor scholarship that the research students he has met do absolutely nothing for the two years, but I've also read that research students are supposed to go to their professor's lab and do research there. So what is it really like? Are you supposed to show regular progress with your paper, are there deadlines for submission, will someone there actually read the thing, or is it mostly for people that want to go into Master's/PhDs, meaning that you are not expected to finish it in those two years (and no one will pester you if you don't want to go into a degree)? Do you have to be in the university every day (or on some sort of regular basis)? How much contact do you have with your professor in lets say a week/month? Is this entirely dependent on the university/professor you get?

Third, I have a friend that's going to be in Fukuoka, so I'm looking for university/professor recommendations (business department, or economy) in that city that will basically leave me alone to do my own thing.

My plan for the two years scholarship is more of an easing in time, since I can potentially find work with my Bachelors degree after the two years if I so choose to (which is a BIG if), so I'm not really interested in university work (though I'm more than happy to study Japanese, which I hear you can do for 6 months, how hard is that btw?). After the scholarship period is over, is it easy to change your visa from a student one, to a working visa? Is it possible at all, is it too hard and possibly improbable? Or is it not that hard? Also, is it hard finding work while on the student visa? In the previous thread it was said that you can work part-time for up to 28 hours a week, but it is frowned upon by the Universities and professors. Any people that are research students and working that can share some insight?

I apologize again if my questions are annoying or inappropriate.

Thanks in advance.


30 Oct 2017
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Hi guys I was contacted today by my Lecturer, He said the University has received mext request about me joining his Lab and made some normal questions about my arrival date. Just sharing the news. Thanks God we going...
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