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20 Feb 2003
/lurk mode off/
Hello all
Ive been a lurking on these boards for quite some time and I think this place is fantastic.. You have probably been wondering who is that guy who is always online browsing the forums but never posting, so I thought I would introduce myself today. Im a Happo (is that derogatory?) or half Japanese and European, though I've lived all my life in Canada, except for time travelling. I have family in Japan, and just last year I spent the summer in Kyoto. Im a specialist in International relations so you will probably see me in the current affairs forum as well as the general board. I might be found sometimes in the anime forum but I like a lot of the older Animes... if you are wondering, My avatar is of Saito Hajime, from Ruronin Kenshin fame... although I loved the Shinsen Gumi even before I saw Kenshin as I have famiIy in Miburo. I hope to speak to all of you in my time here and wish you all a good day..

/Re engaging lurk mode/
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Greetings and welcome. :cool: I too, am interested in "IR" and look forward to hearing your views on current events, both domestically (well, western hemisphere anyways--heh) and abroad. Great to have you aboard. Make yourself at home and please enjoy your stay.
p.s. Kenshin rocks! :cool:
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Konnichiwa Noyhauser-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. I like Rurouni too. Do you know the next year's period drama in NHK is Shinsengumi!

Hello Noyhauser! Welcome to the board !
So, you're half-Japanese, half-European (which country ?). That's interesting as I am European, my wife is Japanese and I've spent several years living or studying "abroad". Then you live in Canada. What's your nationality in all this ? Which country do you feel closer to ?
Yoroshiku !
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Thanks all!!

Nangi, I did not know that... I watched the last one on Nobunaga... Im now desperate to find a way to see it...

Iron chef... Well Im not too sure what you may or may not like about my views... Im pretty much down the middle where I stand on the spectrum... Im not against war, neither am I for it... I just watch events and comment about them... Im sure we will have some interesting conversations

Marciamo, Im canadian... I've always be one, but I have a sense of internationality about me that I cant get rid of. I dqont feel fully canadian, I feel a bit Austro/Czech, Japanese and the sort. I am really interested in the European Union in my studies, so I feel an affinity with that regional grouping, Its difficult to say what I believe in. If I look at culturally where I fit in, I dont eve nhave a clue... maybe canada with its multicultralism is the best place...but sometimes I feel more at ease in a japanese crowd, or even walking the streets of Prague or london. Im as much stumped myself of where I sit.
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