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Grandpa Frank

21 May 2003
It looks like for lack of original ideas, movie makers
are going to turn every comic book character into a movie!! Anyone interested in the new "PUNISHER" movie?
I read all the paperbacks and comics years ago. It always
interested me because the weapons info was the latest
and most weapons shown were available.The idea of 1
lone man taking on the mob for killing his family was my type of hero. Now my only problem is deciding which to see first, Kill Bill or the Punisher?? Tonites news mentioned there is already a Kill Bill "THREE" in the plans!


if i remember correctly kill bill was originally meant to be a three part thing, becuase the story was too long to put into just one movie. 2 was meant to come out in febuary and 3 in may of this year. though the previews for kill bill 2 say something like "see how it all ends" which makes me wonder if they just decided to put 2/3 into the same movie.
punisher looks cool though wanna see it too.
I saw Uma Thurman on Live with Regis and Kelly(I know, I know...laugh) yesterday, I believe it was, and I thought I heard her say it would just be two parts. She mentioned that the reason it had to be more than one in the first place, was because Quentin Tarantino just got so into it and carried away, that he just wanted to keep shooting and then it just became too long for just one movie. She said what was supposed to take 90 days to shoot wound up taking 10 months, I believe? Something like that...
lol well thats more updated than my info which was from tarantino on the tonight show sometime in december.
Yeah many ComicBook movies to come also, such as "The Chronicles of Riddick" kind of the sub-parts to the older movie "Pitch Black", also the new Spider Man 2 there will be many spidermans to come I am assuming, being they are doing 1 villain a movie.

I say my choice will be KILL BILL, and I hope it makes 3 parts more for me to look forward to. :)
uh, i see, first i prefer to see Kill Bill vl2 that punisher, and today in the news(here in Mテゥxico) they said that it would be a third movie, but this one it wont be whit Uma, well i hope thats not true(uma)well anyway, Ahila 👍
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