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Another big day for Uncle Frank! ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ‰

Thank you ! No male in my family history made it beyond 65 , so I never expected to make it to 70 , LOL. My wife bought me a nice Smith & Wesson .357 magnum pistol to add to my gun collection. I have a friend in Northern Maine who has let me use his camp for hunting & fishing for 60 years. My gun collection is for his family when I pass away. I used to target shoot (not shoot animals) , but now just collect guns. Anyway , thanks again for the birthday wishes.bdc.jpg
Sorry a bit late but a very happy birthday! That you will have a great and healthy year!
Hey Frank, well happy birthday on your 71st. Exercise man, thats the key.

You go just a few years on me. Time sure does fly fast, doesn't it.
I actually had 2 birthdays in Japan. The first one was low key , I had just arrived 2 weeks before. The second , my 21st was way more fun. I bought bottles of assorted booze for about 4 months before my birthday and I worked in a Japanese bar called the Pitt Inn in Fukuoka. Had about 50 Japanese friends and started celebrating about 7PM and the party went till 5AM the next morning. When my 2 years there were almost up , I actually thought about going AWOL from the Navy , LOL. I can honestly say at 71 , the 2 best years of my life were in Fukuoka. If I hadn't been so crazy about guns and hunting in Maine , I would probably still be living in Japan now.
Wow a 50 friend birthday party in Japan! Now that I have not experienced. My best years were in Japan as well. I love Fukuoka very much, I have to I proposed there and it was accepted lol though we got married in Nagasaki.
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