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25 Sep 2003
Does anybody know where I can find some Animetal tunes. For those who don't know who Animetal is, they are a Rock/Metal band that does cover songs of anime theme songs. The only songs I have been able to find so far are:

Dunbine theme
Kamen Rider theme
Cutey Honey theme
Gatchaman theme
and Getter Robo

Here is a sample if anyone is interested.
C'mon people, are these guys not "mainstream" enough for you. Has anyone here even heard of these guys?

Don't be shy...
I've heard :

Kamen Rider, UltraMan Dyna, Kinniku Man, Ruroni Kenshin, Mazinger Z, Getta Robo, Macross, Mecha Compilation, Dragon Ball.

I've got some other ones but havent gotten around to listen to them yet :p
They've done DevilMan, not too sure about the others though.

The one i heard of devilman was part of a compilation track.

Songs = Gatcha Man, Combattler V, Raideen, Caashan, Robot Hunter, Mazinger Z, Getta Robo, Devil Man

The track is 6 minutes long.
I have the "Animetal Marathon" CD (I don't download). The track listing is:

1. Animetal Theme
2. Gathaman no Uta
3. Umi no Triton
4. Tekkaman no Uta
5. Tatakae! Kashan
6. Tatakae! Polimer
7. Ikuzo! Goudam
8. Babel no Nizei
9. Combattler V no Theme
10. Voltes V no Uta
11. Tate! Toushou Daimos
12. Yuusha Raideen
13. Daikuumaryuu Gaiking
14. Sukida Danguard A
15. Dash! Machine Hayabusa
16. Grand Prix no Taka
17. Tiger mask
18. Hyouga Senshi
19. Dare ga tame ni
20. Gingatetsu Dou 999
21. Captain Harlock
22. Uchuusenkan Yamato
23. Tobe! Gundam
24. Fukkatsu no Ideon
25. Macross
26. Ike! Zanbot
27. Kamuhiya! Daitarn 3
28. Shissou Xabungle
29. Dunbine tobu
30. Saraba Yasashiki hibiyo
31. Hono no Sadame
32. Mazinger Z
33. Ore wa Great Mazinger
34. Tobe! Grendizer
35. Getter Robo!
36. Koutetsu Jeeg no Uta
37. Devilman no Uta
38. Animetal no Theme (reprise)
Is that the first CD? I've been thinking about making an order from www.jpophelp.com but they never give any info other than release dates and format. I guess I'll just have to buy them all. For 15 bucks with shipping you can't go wrong.
I don't know if it's the first or not. Might be a compilation. A friend from Tokyo gave it to me, so I don't even know the price. One thing about jpophelp though - they're notorious for selling bootlegs. So buyer beware.
Thanks for the tip, I had no idea the sold bootlegs. Everything I've bought off them has at least apeared to be production quality. But so far all I've ordered from them was DVDs.
"Animetal Marathon" isn't really a compilation... it's more like a medley presented as a CD. Although the songs are divided into tracks, the CD plays like one loooooong song where each theme is linked to the next with musical bridges. It's really a fun CD to listen to, and it's official from Animetal in Japan (I own an original copy)... apparently there are at least four of these marathons, each with a different genre of theme music.

For example, the first marathon deals primarily with classic sci-fi/robot anime with a few exceptions... the second features a lot of sentai (i.e. Power Rangers) theme music.

Hope this info helps...

yeah...I owns it too.....it's really a very good CD.....worth to buy.....

Long Live Animetal !!!
So yeah does anyone else know this marvellous band? I accidently found out about them a good few years ago.. My favorite songs of them are of course the remakes of tv-series from my own childhood:

Kagaku Sentai Dynaman
Dragon Ball
Saint Seiya

I think they're also pretty enjoyable if you haven't watched any of those series.. They're pretty good musicians!!
I've never actually listened to Animetal, but I know Syu's guitaring through Galneryus and Aushvitz and it's pretty impressive! 👍 Must check out some of their stuff. :)
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