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Most anime artists start off pretty young. I had the choice when I was 15 to continue with doing animation that entailed going to a very good art school, or going to a private school for academics. My mother firmly decided that one. A friend of mine did continue on, and now is a comic book artist for Marvel. (does some of the unlimited covers)

Alas most of my skill in drawing has lapsed, although I paint all the time, most of the time using anime themes.
manga and anime artists can draw anime. so can a couple of my friends. i, on the other hand, tend to use my madass drawing skills for the extremely difficult art of drawing stick figures.
I... try. o_o Actually, I'm pretty good for my age, but I have a really odd way of drawing. *shrugs* People request me to draw things for them, still, so it's all good to me.
I drawn only when i'm bored. But i can't drawn Anime at all. I usually end up drawing stuff like this:

By the way I didn't drawn these Jhonen Vasquez did._.
i have a aprox 150 mb large anime school on my computer... i think... i might have deleted it.... but i cant draw manga, my father can prolly learn, he is a good artist, he makes relly nice paintings
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