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anime : trigun

It's funny in the early parts of the series but it will get very serious nearing the end, from what I recall. I haven't completed the whole series yet so I'm just going on spoilers.

Vash is one of the coolest.
hai dozo yoroshiku !!!!

hai i like trigun very much ..... 👍
yeah vash the stampede is way to cool and i really like that kind of man 😍

but to bad i havent seen all the anime series 😭 , btw how is the end ?:confused: is he end up die in vain or with meryll strife the ansurance girl ?

tell me ok? hei btw do u guys like exel saga, X-tv series/movies, card captor ?
you want the ending or the episodes?
btw the ending is quite fast but at the same level of the rest of the serie ;)
The ending is quite good and I'm not going to disclose who lives and who dies but I got to say that watchout for the priest. I think it's the episode before the last one. One of the best I've seen.

You mean episode 24, linear tube. :D

I was kind of dissapointed by the ending at first, because well I wanted it to be more dramatic, maybe have something really big happen, or some sort of twist...but it well...never came....bah.
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